Binney Lane fire?

Readers are reporting a house fire on Binney Lane that is “spreading from house to house”. That doesn’t sound good.

UPDATE: Reader sends this, from Greenwich Patch.

As Hurricane Sandy blows ashore, the mega storm is wreaking havoc with rescue efforts throughout Greenwich.

Based on emergency dispatch transmissions Monday night, many roads in town are impassable, making it impossible for firefighters to battle house fires and emergency medical crews to respond to calls. According to Greenwich Fire Dispatch radio transmissions, wind conditions and rising tides are making it impossible for emergency crews to reach the scenes to battle the fires at several locations including Old Greenwich.

There were several calls involving ambulances trapped by fallen trees and downed wires.

As of 7:30 p.m., no injuries have been reported.

According to radio dispatches, house fires have been reported on Binney Lane, Shore Road and Hillcrest Park. There have been numerous reports of roads blocked by fallen trees including Sound Beach Avenue, Stanwich Road, Hillside Road, West Putnam Avenue, Old Orchard Road, Sawmill Road, Valley Road, East Putnam Avenue at Maple Avenue.

At 7:38 p.m., Greenwich fire dispatches ordered all personnel to “respond to the nearest firehouse and standby. We are no longer responding to alarms.”

According to radio dispatches, fire crews and Greenwich Emergency Medical Service crews responding to calls are stranded by fallen trees, utility poles and downed wires.

UPDATE: check out this picture from Greenwich Patch (Noah Schwartz) of Ledge Road – that mountain in the background is a wave! It will be interesting to see how those two beautiful homes further down the lane, one of which just sold for $13 million, fare in the face of that kind of surf.


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14 responses to “Binney Lane fire?

  1. Anonymous

    Hopefully this will result in a cessation of your constant “this ain’t nuthing” posts. Lives are clearly at risk.

  2. Demmerkrat Patriot

    News 12 Connecticut
    BREAKING NEWS: Four homes on Binney Lane in Greenwich are on fire. Firefighters are having to pull back now due to rising floodwater. They are also evacuating residents from the area.

  3. Anonymous

    Awful, how does Ole’s look? šŸ˜¦

  4. Demmerkrat Patriot

    Greenwich Post ā€@greenwichpost
    The fire efforts at Binney Lane are being hampered by the storm conditions making it unsafe for firefighters.

    Greenwich Post ā€@greenwichpost
    According to reports, the house fire on Binney Lane is now spreading to other structures.

    Greenwich Post ā€@greenwichpost
    A house on Binney Lane is a “total loss” after a devastating fire the GFD could not put out due to storm conditions

  5. Ff

    Malloy has called out the national guard for Greenwich and Stamford, a number of ambulence and police crews are stuck between trees and fires, most emergency responders are confined to stations- it’s just not safe for them. And the big storm surge according to Hartford is at midnight. As many as 150 homes significantly damaged by trees. It’s bad out there and be aware that in an emergency you may not have support. Be safe and conservative, stow the candles, just wait it out

  6. Brown Eyed Girl

    We just got a long robo-call from the Town — the National Guard is on its way to Greenwich but won’t be here before midnight. Everyone in the “voluntary evacuation zone” was told to move to higher ground asap. (Not sure where that zone is, but we are not in it.) It sounds very grave indeed and who knows what dawn will reveal.

  7. Cos cobber

    CF, what are seeing at your waterfront abode? Is the water at the garage door.

    I’m on the high ground here in coastal Cos Cob…my block is enroute to becoming a temporary island…Water continues to climb, I’ll report in at 12:30am. I should be okay unless this becomes a 25ft surge event.

  8. Earth Image

    The FEMA design storm used for flood insurance ratings has tidal flood waters more than one foot above #Sandy’s levels. So we have yet to see anything near the so-called 100 year event. How did my predictions work out? Just read them off the rating chart.

  9. Cos cobber

    Nice work Mike. Last night it seemed as if the storm surge peaked at around 10 or 11, an hr ahead of actual high tide…..and well below the forecasted 9:30 pm call for 17ft….thankfully.