Forgot to mention this

The GAR Evil Princess has fled her dungeon for higher ground so there’s been no real estate news to report today nor will there be any tomorrow. One can speculate, however, that this storm may dampen buyers’ enthusiasm for low-lying areas of Old Greenwich for awhile.


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3 responses to “Forgot to mention this

  1. AJ

    Sometimes fleeing early may not be a bad idea. You always see people trudging through flood waters in these storms, but aside from the dangers posed by downed wires, and manhole covers pushed up off their hole, there is also, apparently, the danger of sharks cruising the streets as this picture taken in New Jersey today (Monday) shown on the Weather Network site: in New Jersey&lang=en

  2. Anonymous

    @AJ, Snopes is doing a full time business in debunking Hurricane Sandy photoshops and pics taken at times earlier than the storm…just sayin’, it might not be a bad idea to start fact checking your stories, that’s all. 🙂

    I hope everyone in the affected areas survived the night with nothing more serious than a scare and hopefully less than that.