This ought to generate some controversy

I can’t find any way to confirm it*, but rumor has it that CNG intends to shut off natural gas lines if flooding hits. Those shoreline Democrats safe at home, generators humming away as the homeowners cheerfully write checks to the Obama campaign, may soon find themselves in the dark. Of course, the way things are going so far, they can just plug their generators into a wall outlet and continue their merry ways.

* readers now have.


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5 responses to “This ought to generate some controversy

  1. Anonymous

    Yup they shut them off on my street already. Spoke to them last night

  2. cos cobber

    Yes, that is what I have heard as well. True, they may cut your nat gas during the storm, but when the storm is over, your nat gas generator should be up and running well before they get to power restoration.

  3. InOldGreenwich

    Generators should work on fuel oil or another source of fuel (maybe propane). in emergencies; earthquakes, storms or in this event, flooding, the gas companies shut down the lines. Hence, what is the purpose.

  4. Riversider

    Assume they only shut off particular streets that are flooding vs. big chunks of unaffected Greenwich (I ask nervously….).

  5. Riversider

    Just spoke to CNG – they have a list of streets in Greenwich that are at risk of getting shut off depending on water surge. Happily mine is not on the list…