TV storm coverage improves for this storm

They’ve figured out that it’s better television to actually pose their reporters in ankle-deep water! I just saw some hottie who probably can’t tell her nimbus from her cumulus, stuffed into spandex pants and standing in water up to her shins, spouting dire warnings whispered in her earpiece by her producer. This is so much better than a shopworn Jim Cantore doing his schtick for the 10,000th time from Nag’s Head or the Outer Banks. Next hurricane, topless? I’m ready for it and I’m sure the country is too.


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2 responses to “TV storm coverage improves for this storm

  1. Demmerkrat Patriot

    Hurricane Sandy coverage sponsored by “Hooters”!

  2. Anonymous

    watching channel 12 last night those newscasters should be fired for the panic-inciting statements they were rattling off. it was ridiculous.
    common sense seems to have gone by the wayside in modern generations.
    i know a family who’s husband is such a boob he couldn’t change a lightbulb if his life depended on it, he took his family and went to a motel far outta town.