Woe is us!

6′-12′ storm surge predicted for Greenwich, as high as 3′ in Boston. The broadcasters are shrieking “millions at risk!” but fail to quantify that risk. A wet basement? Loss of electricity? Bah. That said, I’m thinking of heading up to Maine to help my son move today. If Greenwich loses power for a few days I’d prefer to be in Portland, thank you.


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  1. anonymous

    it appears that the peak tides are at noon and a probably a little worse tonight (maybe an extra foot or two) according to the NOAA


  2. Walt

    Dude –
    I think it would be a folly to move your flabby white ass off of your couch. You are white, right Negro? The roads are starting to flood, so going by car could be risky.
    I suggest you stay at home, shove some Doritos down your throat, and play with your computer. Maybe you could try and actually write something?
    Just a thought.
    Your Pal,

    • I just heard that they intend to lose the (unspecified) highways when winds hit 45 mph so I may have no choice but to stay. Bummer. Still, if I head out soon, I should be able to avoid that nuisance.

  3. Fred2

    On the other hand would you not rather be around to fix thing promptly if a window breaks or some other stupid storm thing? Also note the storm track, there’s potentially a lot of water dumping to the north and coming south which could make life tedious by washing out bridges, roads and what not and generally making life complicated afr from where the weather is happening..

    Of course it might be nicer Down east and you can just phone it in?

    “Hullo neighbour? Ahh, power is retored, I shall make my return.”

  4. Hu Nhu?

    Stick around. Dollar Bill is holding a rally at 2:00 PM in front of Town Hall,
    today, holding Romney responsible for Sandy.

  5. Fred2

    I have a colleague in Battery Park city, sends a photo where the benches are getting submerged and, frankly there no storm yet. That kind of surge + waves and wind can quickly make a big mess.

    I’d imagine in the sound you are fairly protected but the surge can take a while to work it’s way up the sound, on the other hand you’ll have warning.

  6. Brit

    Molloy closing highways at 1pm – but glad to see the trash collectors just arrived – bet we can get pizza delivered too!

  7. But what about your mom?

  8. And for the first time in all the years I’ve lived in Bedford, my mailman came at 11am – not his usual 6pm! Shows you what a little storm will do to get him out of work early!

    • Now you know how long it actually takes to complete their route, EOS. On normal days, they’re supposed to return to the post office and sort mail after they complete their delivery duties but storms and holidays, they can go home. So normally they coop behind delis or at quiet spots offering a view, days like today, they do their work and go home. Bankruptcy can’t come soon enough.

  9. AJ

    Did it ever occur to you that this storm is one-hundred percent bullsh*t hype, ordered by the president to take the wind out of Romney’s sails? Not much talk about the election right now; this has almost certainly had to have slowed Romney’s momentum, or “Joemotion” as Lieberman liked to call it when he was running.

    Remember that movie “The Day After Tomorrow” where the storm surge, actually more of a tidal wave, washed that old school, rust bucket freighter ship up onto the front steps of the 42nd Street Library? On some other sites there are people wondering if this storm will be like that movie, and some even arguing that that movie was based on facts. That’s how stupid and gullible we’ve become.

    The low pressure system that Sandy is supposed hook up with is currently located at Hudson’s Bay and moving north. Winds in Greenwich are supossed to hit 31 mph this afternoon and 44 mph this evening through overnight, dropping back down to 31 mph Tuesday morning. Rainfall for Greenwich is supposed to be 1 1/4 inch for Monday, 3/4 of an inch for Tuesday, and 1/4 inch for Wed. Greenwich has been directly hit by a number of storms, the worst, and with the worst flooding was Hazel in ’54 and there were some other good ones in the early sixties that washed a lot of boats up on shore near the Holly Grove. I remember one that hit Bridgeport in the seventies that had almost no effect on Greenwich, and this storm is going to make landfall in southern (way down by Daleware) New Jersey. To evacuate anybody other than the Sound side houses on Shore Road down by where the Shoreham Club used to be — there was some damage there in the last “Storm of the Century” — is ridiculous. I stopped subscribing to TV a couple of years ago: it was just too stupid. But I am going to miss Anderson Cooper standing out there in the worst of it.

  10. just_looking

    the surge with high tide and full moon is making water the big issue of this storm, even before any rain fall. In darien low level roads and bridges flooded already. Does not bode well for the next cycle around midnight, nor the next few a few inches of rain is added in.

  11. AJ

    The most catastrophic event of our lifetimes:

    Gov. Dannel Malloy ordered the closure of all state highways across
    Connecticut in anticipation of Hurricane Sandy’s arrival.

    “This is the most catastrophic event that we have faced and been able to plan for in any of our lifetimes. And we continue to do everything in our power to make sure that we’re ready and that our citizens are fully cognizant of what they should be doing,” Malloy said