See any FEMA workers helping out last night?

Romney’s right: place disaster relief back in the hands of local and state governments who know far better than a Washington bureaucrat what aid is needed where.

KEVIN WILLIAMSON: Yes, We Should Cut FEMA: The agency has managed to waste truly shocking amounts of money.

Also, the heroic first responders you saw last night were mostly NYPD and NYFD, and their counterparts in New Jersey, etc. With the exception of the Coast Guard, nearly all the rescuing was being done by state and municipal employees, not by FEMA. The Democrats’ FEMA-worship is an insult to the people who are shouldering the greater part of the load, and the danger.


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7 responses to “See any FEMA workers helping out last night?

  1. Anonymous

    the simple truth is, states and local governments can not bring the assets to bear in these extreme cases.

    who are you going to call when the shit hits the fan ? GPD or the coast guard / national guard? think about that one

    • Yes indeed, I will call the GPD. The Coast Guard, by the way, is a branch of the federal government but was nonetheless a useful part of that hydra until politicians diverted its resources to the war on drugs. Perhaps you meant the National Guard, which is under the direction and control of state governors.

    • In fact I heard the head of FEMA this morning on NPR saying essentially what I’m saying: “Ours is a federal, not a national government,” he said, “and the federal government is second to the states when dealing with disasters”. The guy is the former head of Florida’s own disaster – response team so I guess he was sensitized by that experience. The complaints I’ve read over the years center around Washington piling into disaster areas and bolloxing up the works with paperwork, poor communications and overbearing, obnoxious behavior. If the new head of FEMA is addressing that, good on him. Then there’s the colossal waste issue to reform, but one step at a time.

  2. db

    It should be noted that the FEMA that many criticized had politically appointed people leading it with no experience in disaster recovery.

    The current head has a bit more experience and it seems to show.

    • Years ago the WSJ ran an article on FEMA – it seems to have all started big time with George the First (Bush), when he didn’t pay enough attention to some hurricane in Florida and got lambasted. So he poured money into the program and every president since then have strived to outdo his predecessor. The agency has grown like topsy, with no end in sight. Those who consider FEMA indispensable might ponder how the country survived until 1979, when it was created.

  3. Fred2

    FEMA should stay out of local disasters completely, unless they have some special resources, like the ability to set up emergency communications systems, temp bridges, temporary water pipeline , “infrastructure” style stuff , airport restoration (USAF has teams that can parachute and get and irport going in hours(, etc..) and serve as a the “back end” with pre-positioned supplies and “stuff”, on call experts they like.

    i.e. As a sort of “emergency insurance” where they deal less in money than in goods and services that a state might not have the wherewithal to have on tap all the time. ( Or that the state might have lost due to the emergency.)