Sun’s out

Local readers can figure that out for themselves of course, but it’s all over except for a massive clean up. How are you folks in its next destination, the Midwest doing?


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8 responses to “Sun’s out

  1. Fred2

    There is some light overcast in Chicagoland this morning. I understand lake Michigan was supposed to have 30 FOOT WAVES, which is awkward if you live on the shore, or commute on the highway they brilliantly placed to cut the city off from the lake.

  2. Fred2

    Update- the waves did not get near 30ft, more like 15 near Chicago.

  3. Tea in Bexley, OH

    Rainy/snowy and overcast, windy, freaking cold, and a big surge… Romney up about +3 beyond MOE and my newly voting daughter cancels out her communist aunt’s vote. Perfect weather. Why do you ask?

  4. AndyD

    Where is CL&P? Haven’t seen a single truck all day.

  5. Amy Burke

    I realize that the passing of this storm is only hours behind us. We have all witnessed incredible heroism and community during the events of Sandy. But “for what it’s worth” I have to get the word out on a pivotal way in which the Town of Greenwich failed residents in the areas that were issued “mandatory evacuations”. I, and my family, live in one of the areas that was told to evacuate on Sunday afternoon – Lucas Point. We took it seriously but didn’t make a mad dash for higher ground. The reason being that while we were bring told that we were in serious danger, we watched as people continued to flood into Greenwich Point to jog,walk, take pictures, etc. Witnessing the parade of vehicles and people into the Park, we asked ourselves “Do we really need to leave?” So,here is my point: in the future, if the Town wants residents to heed mandatory evacuation warnings in a responsible manner, don’t they have a responsibility to cease all recreation in adjacent areas? Just a thought.

    Footnote. We did evacuate and happily so. But, happy to report that we came back to our home which had not a drop of water anywhere inside. Did my property value just increase? 🙂

    • “But teacher, they’re doing it!” is sort of an immature way to deal with what should be adult decisions. Lots of grown ups do stupid things – go to our western national parks and watch tourists trying to stuff wild bears behind the steering wheel to take a cute picture, for instance – but as your mother might have said, “just because your friends jump off a bridge doesn’t mean you should do it.”
      Let the authorities issue whatever warnings they deem sensible, let adults follow or ignore them as they see fit.

  6. Acc

    Chris, I’d like to hear how some of the neighborhoods are doing… how’s Dawn Harbor/Riverside? Trees all over in midcountry, and I’m assuming backcountry.

  7. Anonymous

    Amy, good for you for evacuating and having common sense. Sounds like many people lack that. Darwin sorts that out, eh? But really, blaming the town of Greenwich for not enforcing a more strict evacuation? You said they issued mandatory evacuations. Smart thing, those city folk, telling people who live at effectively sea level in the middle of a massive hurricane to high tail it asap. What more do you want, having cops walk door to door and standing at every corner and tell people that yes, mandatory means get the f out now you moron?