Hollande and his looters drive France into the ground

No backing off 35 work week and rigid labor policies despite a 1,300 euro premium to build a car in France.

With French labor costs up about 19 percent in a decade and neighboring Germany’s holding almost constant, France’s share of euro-area exports has dropped by 3.5 percent, more than any other country in the region, according to a study by research group Coe-Rexecode in Paris.

Over the period, operating margins of French companies have shrunk by almost 40 percent, limiting their ability to invest and sustain future growth, figures from the Groupe des Federations Industrielles show. The operating margins of German companies have gained about 40 percent, the GFI report said.

In many ways, the situation in the auto industry is emblematic. About 2 million cars are now produced in France, down from 3.5 million in 2005 and employment by car manufacturers has dropped by 30 percent in a decade, the government estimates. The question is whether Hollande is ready to do what it takes to reverse that drop.

Can’t say they weren’t warned about the difference between wishing something were so and stark reality.



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4 responses to “Hollande and his looters drive France into the ground

  1. Libertarian Advocate

    He will absolutely mandate that French automakers reverse the decline by hiring 40% more workers. Don’t you understand? He’s a socialist and therefore he is BRILLIANT! You would understand these things if you spent more time in Parisian Cafes and Brasseries discussing important social issues Mons. de la Fontaine!

  2. FF

    Haven’t all but 5 months of the past 10 years in France been under Conservative governance?

    • No- there has been no conservative governance in France for decades- 35 hour work week, permanent (until the money runs out) employment etc. are the product of liberal wet dreams, not conservatism regardless of label. Sort of like our own Republicans spend and wish philosophy .

  3. Libertarian Advocate

    FF: Sarkozy, tried but failed to improve the terrible employment issues in France by relaxing the nutty firing laws so that business could fire new hires within 1 year if they turned out to be total slackers. Naturally, your fellow travelers in the CGT kaboshed that very modest effort.