Riverside (the lesser parts, anyway) did get hammered

Because I left early for Maine yesterday morning I didn’t have a chance to cruise the neighborhood to see how it fared. Today I did, and what a mess. It seems that waterfront properties high enough to escape the waves did just fine, but still higher elevations suffered tremendous wind damage to their trees, and roads are still closed, power lines down and dead pets are littering the street (OK, I made that last part up).

Old Greenwich has no power at all, but that’s Old Greenwich for you.


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2 responses to “Riverside (the lesser parts, anyway) did get hammered

  1. Fred2

    Old Greewich has been there since 16hundred and cabbage, so presumably managed the first 250+ years without electricity or sewers, they have no reason to complain.

    I’m sure Walt will supervise the digging of outhouses & the roasting of some kindergartners for community dinner amongst the desperate.

  2. Just want you all to know that the repairs will take longer than they normally would because NYC has been deemed a priority and utility workers from outside of the NYC area being sent there.