What do you suppose Dannel Malloy’s position on this is?


Forgot his rubbers, but our Gov’s in the game

Iowa joins Texas in threatening to arrest UN vote observers. My guess is that Dannel will be out at the polls helping them register to vote.


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21 responses to “What do you suppose Dannel Malloy’s position on this is?

  1. db

    Typically, observers aren’t the ones wearing those costumes.

    • Well no, their supporters do too, but usually only in their bedroom, with pink panties instead of leather leggings.
      On a more serious note, are you really implying that those who object to a UN that assumes a role as a world government are betraying fascist sympathies? I don’t think that word means what you think it means.

  2. Fred2

    Saw some pictures of Malloy onthe New Haven Register site “inspecting the damage.” Would be more convincing if he were wearing boots when going to places covered in muck and nails..

  3. db

    I’m implying that allowing the arrest of observers is about as fascist as you can get. Incidentally, they have been here every election. For some off reason this year, they are liberal on Faux news.

    • “Allowing” is such a weak term – “ordering” is stronger. And no, the idea of UN observers being brought in by black civil rights groups to observe American elections has not been going on since 1789; seems to have started about a decade ago and is done for left wing political purposes and used to discredit the United States in the eyes of of the world – period. The concept of the individual subservient to the state is a Hegelian one, by the way, adopted by communists and their indistinguishable allies, the communists to justify slaughtering and imprisoning dissidents. I’ll bet you look pretty in black.

  4. AJ

    Love the photo: great photo-op result. He looks like an awkward duck in water or out. Is that guy next to him holding him up by the arm? How pathetic. Being subservient and kowtowing to foreign leaders is not what Washington, Franklin, or Jefferson had in mind: it’s not part of the Declaration of Independence. Only Obama bends over to unelected foreign officials. BTW now we know what Hillary was talking about: Obama got that 3:00 Am Benghazi call, and I’m not sure whether he said don’t bother me and went back to sleep, or whether he was busy partying with Beonce.

    • The man next to him is Cos Cob’s own, U.S. Representative Jimbo Himes and no, he’s not holding him up by the arm: now that he works for the federal government, it’s more likely that Himes is relieving Dannel of his wallet.

  5. John M.

    I wish we had a real leader, a guy like Chris Christi.

  6. Anonymous

    I had the privilege of meeting Dan Malloy 9 years ago when I opened my business in Stamford. Guy is a major league loser especially compared to any other local leader (Christie, Bloomberg, cuomo)

  7. AJ

    Chris Christi confirms the old adage that there are two kinds of people in politics: whores and prostitutes. Guess he figures he can schmooze some extra dollars out of someone who’s desparate to look good. Christi, who has grand aspirations to be the next Republican presidential nominee, is too stupid to realize that he just blew any chance he ever had of making that happen, and in my opinion, that’s a very good thing.

  8. AJ

    Couldn’t have said it better myself CF. Since when did we become Brussels’ bitch, or need UN supervision to conduct our own business? Will they next be calling for a police officer to sit behind me to look over my shoulder as a good neighbor to help me with any legal problems I might encounter through the day?

  9. db

    Cold War has ended and the US has a military budget larger than all other 1st world (and China) combined. If arresting “observers” doesn’t bother you….time travel seems to be your only fix .

    “The concept of the individual subservient to the state is a Hegelian one, by the way, adopted by communists and their indistinguishable allies, the communists to justify slaughtering and imprisoning dissidents. I’ll bet you look pretty in black.”

    • The Cold War “just ended, somehow”- who knows why? China has a standing army that’s twice the size of ours and is building a modern navy and air force that will dwarf ours and Europe “somehow” has been peaceful despite demobilizing its armies (England sold off its last aircraft carrier this year, leaving none in Europe). How mysterious and reassuring.
      But what does this have to do with ceding authority over our country to the UN? As envisioned, the UN was to be a meeting place for sovereign nations to resolve conflicts with their neighbors, not a sovereign power in its own right. The left envisions a new power, larger and more powerful than the European Union; there are those of this who resist this idea and arresting representatives of that power who dare to meddle with our elections is a good starting pony.

  10. FF

    I’m feeling the growling moving away from Mitt, what’s his name again……..since 4 more years of Socialism turning to fascist/communism is nigh, perhaps you’ll want to be nice to me, dear readers, as to get a better bunk assignment in the FEMA camps, or perhaps I’ll put in a good word for you with the blue helmets of the UN when they confiscate your property? MAybe they’ll let you keep photos or something? And definitely at the next cabal meeting we can pick out suitable gays for you to force marry – wouldn’t want you to be teamed up with a liberal gay, imagine the fights! There isn’t enough Chinese yuan in our new masters larders to get me to hook up with a conservative. Looking forward to the good new days, mostly because we’re going to get rid of the Christian calendar (anno domini, “year of our lord, where HAS the Supreme Court been on that?).

  11. Anonymous

    Malloy is thinking: “Wow, these are nice homes. Connecticut needs a ‘the mansion did not catch on fire tax’. “

  12. John M.

    AJ, i don’t think Christi has jeopardized anything by trying to schmooze some extra dough out of Obama. He is doing what he was elected to do, help the people of his state.

    • I agree, John. It’d be incredibly stupid and a disservice to his fellow residents for Christie to attack Obama now. If my worst fears come true, there will be plenty of time for that over the next four years.

  13. AJ

    I’m not suggesting Christi should attack Obama, nor do less than try to get everything he can for the residents of his state: that’s his job. But good sportsmanship and fairplay does not involve praising and scoring points for the other side until the game is over (just five more days), and I’m hoping for Obama to win an all expenses paid, one way passage to his new house in Hawaii.

    While Christi and Obama are out looking for photo ops, posing for the camera, smiling with their arms draped over each others shoulders, evacuated homes are being looted. It was no mystery that the storm was coming or where it was going to hit, they knew all that many days in advance. So with criminals openly plotting looting on twitter, why weren’t there National Guard troops to move in, on foot if necessary to protect people’s property, one of the two most very basic duties of government. If the looters were able to move about, there’s no reason why law enforcement couldn’t be out in those same locations.

    Here’s a pic of my boy Demarcus swiping that TV. Not to bright posting your pic on the internet committing a crime: I’m sure someone is bound to recognize that as their house, and now we all know who done stole the TV.


    There is no excuse for the looting in New Jersey or the home invasions at gunpoint in Brooklyn that are going on. Where’s Homeland Security? Where are the State Police? Where’s the National Guard? And why weren’t they in position and ready to go on day one?