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It is to laugh

A nor’easter coming our way next week? Maybe, according to NOAA, but heck, after this week, we’ll just scoff. I hope.


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40% of births illegimate

40% of all babies born in 2011 were born to unmarried women.

Poverty rate for children of married couples: 8.2%; for single-parent households, 35.2%

72% of all black births are to single mothers.

If we want to wage war on poverty, maybe we should stop waging war on marriage.

Just sayin’.


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Aha! Greenwich Time does have a reporter, and he says help is on the way via CL&P

We’ve been here all along, the utility company asserts, but that’s about as credible as our paper’s own claim to that effect. But for what it’s worth, CL&P says 14 more two-person crews are coming tonight and another 25 tomorrow, bringing us to a grand total of 39 new crews to supplement the 14 that are supposedly already here. We’ll take ’em, however many actually show up.


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Did Greenwich Time fire ALL its reporters?

A reader alerts us to a tweet from the twit, Peter Tesei regarding power restoration, and supposedly printed in the Greenwich Time. I can’t find it, just as I can’t find almost anything directly concerning Greenwich. The paper’s article on power resumption reports on conditions in Milford, its “Live Blog storm coverage” is from Danbury, a warning about sewage contaminating water supplies is about Bridgeport, and so on. Our hometown paper is about as hometown as WGCH, which broadcast a Patriots football game during Sandy’s approach on Sunday.

You can’t fault the radio station for abandoning Greenwich: there’s simply no viable business plan for an operation that’s listened to only during snowstorms and hurricanes, but I’m told that some people still buy Greenwich Time and look for it as a source of local news. The paper might have at least kept a couple interns on staff – they cost nothing and yet could help maintain the illusion that “Greenwich Time” is still about Greenwich.

(Here’s the paper’s article on “Greenwich” gasoline shortages)


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So how’s Cos Cob doing?

Homecoming Queen arrives on Siwanoy

Back when Riverside had the current and a former First Selectman living on the same street you could be sure that there was one road in town that would be plowed first. I wonder whether the same holds true for lowly Cos Cob, which now hosts our First Selectman, our Second Selectman, our Congressman and even Frankie Fudrucker, King of Democrats. So has power been restored there? Streets cleared?  If I can find my passport I intend to drive by later this evening but I’m curious now.


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I don’t think that word means what you think it means

Surely not!

In one of the very few local stories Greenwich Time has carried related to the storm, it is reported that “Clubs open their doors to non-members”.  Fascinated by the vision of the Field Club and Round Hill welcoming those who ordinarily aren’t “clubable”, I clicked on the link, only to discover that what the reporter considers “clubs” are the Boys and Girls Club, the YMCA and the Senior Center. Oh dear. So far as I know, if you’re a member of the Mianus River Boat Club, you should keep your mooring because you won’t be hobnobbing with Thurston and Lovey anytime soon.


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Rumors, but has anyone actually seen a CL&P crew anywhere in town?

In my own travels I haven’t spotted a single one and so far, readers also are reporting a complete void. Has someone out there run into any? Let us know.
GPD, how about your guys – have they found one yet?


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Patrons of Island Beach should expect a discount on ferry service next year

You’ll be handed a set of water wings and tossed off the boat fifty yards from shore. Mike Finkbeiner sends along this view of the newly-rearranged pier:

All ashore that are going ashore! Island Beach, Greenwich





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Call your elected leader!

Greetings from Palm Beach!

I assume that’s Peter Tesei, but can you find him?

From an Old Greenwich reader:

Chris – this is important and maybe your readers can call in. I live on Shore Road in OG and CL&P says the Town of Greenwich told them to hold off on that area until further notice. That’s why there’s no trucks. However I called the Town’s Emergency Mgmt office and they say that’s not true. In fact they listed Shore and Tomac as a priority streets. So they are going to debrief with the CL&P rep, but if more people call in and report this “miscommunication” it may get fixed faster.

UPDATE: you can email them; or call them at 203 622-2222. That’s for the Emergency Preparedness folks, but they can probably find Peter and pass along your comments.


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Pretty much what I said on Monday but said more eloquently



Big Gulps are for subway tunnels, not children!

Walter Russell Mead on the dangers of Nanny governing

The New York Times notes that scientists and flood experts have been warning about the risks of flooding in New York for years and have suggested everything from levees to floodgates in New York Harbor to minimize potential damage. Yet neither the city nor the state government has taken serious steps to act on these suggestions:


Here in New York we have a very busy government. It’s worried about the kinds of fats we eat and the size of the soft drinks we buy, and there is no shortage of regulations affecting businesses, street vendors, and individuals. But in all this exciting fine tuning, nobody seems to have bothered to think about the much greater task of keeping floodwaters out of the subway system. Admittedly, getting public support and finding the money for flood protection would be hard, but it is exactly that kind of hard job that governments are supposed to do. Leadership is getting the important things done, not looking busy on secondary tasks while the real needs of the city go quietly unmet.

The problem with nanny state governance isn’t just that it’s intrusive. It isn’t just that it stifles business with over-regulation, and it isn’t just that it empowers busybodies and costs money. It’s that it distracts government from the really big jobs that it ought to be doing.

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How many readers are without Internet access?

Quite a few, it seems.


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It’s moot now

Just went by Nawthorne Lane in Old Greenwich which you may recall was in June the locus of a fierce battle between homeowners and CL&P over Cl&P’s desire to cut down some old diseased trees. The homeowners won, but their victory seems to have lasted exactly four months.

No windage here

Tree trimming by Sandy


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It’s going to be a long time coming, a long time gone

At least CS&N had a little smoke to keep them amused while they waited. I just toured Riverside and Old Greenwich and the readers are right: there’s not a single CL&P crew in evidence anywhere.
I’ve relocated to a powered house but one of my brothers has insisted on staying where he is, with our mother. We may have to revisit that decision soon because I don’t see how we can expect power to be restored before next week. I mean, to restore the electricity you need utility workers, no?
No shortage of independent businessmen hard at work clearing trees, repairing roofs and cleaning flood damaged houses. Time to privatize the utilities?


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Obama’s gonna pay my mortgage!

The triumph of hope over experience:  59% of young blacks think US is headed in the right direction. Ties in neatly with their unemployment rate – do they think Jubilee is coming? Guess they do.

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