40% of births illegimate

40% of all babies born in 2011 were born to unmarried women.

Poverty rate for children of married couples: 8.2%; for single-parent households, 35.2%

72% of all black births are to single mothers.

If we want to wage war on poverty, maybe we should stop waging war on marriage.

Just sayin’.


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11 responses to “40% of births illegimate

  1. Anonymous

    Tragic figures indeed.

  2. FromtheRight

    Although encouraging marriage is obviously a praiseworthy act and isn’t done enough in today’s society, correlation does not imply causation. It might be better to look for studies that show causative links instead of simply linking to articles that show correlation and then assuming the link exists.

    • Here’s a chart, dating back to 1994, showing the rise in illegitimate births over the decades). I agree with you that causation may be confused with correlation (and in fact Sweden, which also has a very large percentage of children in single-parent homes, has a much lower rate of poverty) but it seems clear, to me, that if children in single-parent homes are 4X more likely to be poor than those living with both parents, there is a cause and effect relationship going on.

  3. Peg

    I’ve never been a parent. Nevertheless, it seems clear cut that parenting is tough enough to do with two adults at the helm – much less with one. Although marriage is no guarantee that the two adults will do a fine job, it does heighten the odds for commitment from them.

    Once again – Christopher is correct!

  4. Anonymous

    The issue isn’t marriage, it’s births. Should be mandatory birth control for all recipients of welfare, free housing, Medicaid and food stamps. As well as drug testing. Make those two changes and see a drastic shift in society.

    • That’s not a shift I’d welcome, though. If we as a society decide to pass out taxpayers’ cash to the undeserving then that’s what we should do. Maybe if people watch their labor stolen to pay for others to loll around screwing and buying drugs we can turn back the welfare state. Your proposals I believe, woul just increase the intrusiveness of an already too intrusive government.

  5. AJ

    I think poverty has little to do with any sort of attacks on marriage, if two guys want to hold pinkies, who am I to deny them their life’s little pleasures, but more to do with all the jobs have been sent to China to be filled by what is essentially slave labor, and the jobs that haven’t have been contracted to US prisons (filled mostly with possessors of the evil weed) to be filled by what is actually slave labor. Then of course there’s the major theft of trillions of dollars from the US economy: 43 Trillion dollar lawsuit awaits Obama White House and banks:

    • Hey, AJ, who said anything about barring gays from marrying or for that matter, raising kids? I know several happily married gay men with children, and those kids are far better off and thriving in a stable home with two parents.
      My point was that two parents seem to decrease the odds of a child ending up in poverty. The sex of those parents is irrelevant.

  6. Peg

    What Christopher said about same sex parents! It’s not their sex – it’s having TWO people to share the responsibilities! And – to be able to help one another out, too, when times get tough. (Of course, the “times get tough” part is a given if your children live to their teen years!!)

  7. Rivman

    I thought several of the article’s commenters were interesting as they understand the importance of responsibility when it comes to rearing children. Romney talks quite a bit about the importance of fathers or respected authority figures to help reduce these single parent poverty cycles.

  8. FromtheRight

    I think you proved my point about correlation vs. causation by pointing out that fact about Sweden. Just because two charts are rising or falling over the same period doesn’t mean one causes the other. For all you know, it’s not single parent homes that cause poverty, but maybe it’s the poverty that causes single parent homes. That’s probably wrong as well, but the point is that drawing sloppy conclusions only makes your arguments appealing to others that already hold the same opinions. Try looking for an economic/sociological study that properly controls for other variables, so a proper cause and effect relationship can be deduced. All this opinion trying to mask itself as real analysis is part of the problem.