Aha! Greenwich Time does have a reporter, and he says help is on the way via CL&P

We’ve been here all along, the utility company asserts, but that’s about as credible as our paper’s own claim to that effect. But for what it’s worth, CL&P says 14 more two-person crews are coming tonight and another 25 tomorrow, bringing us to a grand total of 39 new crews to supplement the 14 that are supposedly already here. We’ll take ’em, however many actually show up.


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23 responses to “Aha! Greenwich Time does have a reporter, and he says help is on the way via CL&P

  1. Daniel

    Not weather related, but very pointed.

  2. dogwalker

    I have seen a number of PAR trucks around (in one of the photos); I believe as early as Tuesday.

  3. Sound Beacher

    Whoo hee, power just got back on here in OG. It is so exciting or should I say electrifying. There were 7 guys with hard harts and dayglo vests and a big cherry picker truck on Sound Beach Ave and by 7:25 viola!!

  4. OG

    New to town and stunned at lack of local media coverage & news. No power but using an iPad (with sketchy service) and found next to no news articles or live feeds re Greenwich. No info re power, closed streets, open areas of town, power in some neighborhoods. Relying on a portable radio and can’t find CT news — only NY and NJ. The daily call from the Chief of Police has been our ONLY local news. Where is the central source telling us Cos Cob, Central Greenwich, Stamford has power, which super markets open, which roads closed, tracking neighborhoods with power restored, the location on CL&P trucks …..????

  5. Shoeless

    Just got power in havemeyer park around 8pm.

  6. AndyD

    Around 9:00 Thursday night there was a crew on Hendrie and they later moved to RivAve near Ada’s. glad to see them as they are the first ones I’ve seen in riverside the whole storm. AT&T and Cablevision meanwhile have been all over the place all day long keeping those with generators online.

  7. anonymous

    Like the rest of us in Old Greenwich, the Greenwich Time office building was without power until a couple of hours ago.

  8. Fake Rebecca Kirhoffer

    Glenville got power around 7pm tonight

  9. Anonymous

    Who needs Greenwich Time when we have For What Its Worth,

  10. Lockwood

    OG: Greenwich Post’s twitter feed (twitter.com/greenwichpost) and the comments section on this blog have been my best sources during the storm.

  11. Shoeless

    Am I the only person without cablevision turned on? It has been out since Monday.

  12. AJ Nock

    Greenwich Time is such a joke…the most useless local paper I have ever experienced.

  13. Cos Cobber

    we have FIOS in this household which has worked fine with no issues.

  14. Anon

    The priorities of CL&P are confusing to say the least. I live in Central Greenwich, less than a half a mile from the hospital on a major road. We still have no power and have no estimate as to when power will be restored. As I hear about all of these other areas being restored while I haven’t seen one utility truck in my area, I’m a little dumbfounded. How are they determining where to restore power???!

    Also, as I read that the Bridgeport mayor is complaining about their restoration time while they have a lower percentage without power than Greenwich, I get angry! He sounds like a whiny child – “It’s not fair!! The rich people always get better attention!!!” Well, Mr Finch, no we don’t. And maybe if your classy citizens weren’t harassing UI workers trying to restore your power and throwing eggs at their trucks it would get done more quickly! Sound like a bunch of Obama supporters to me! “Where’s my fair share!!”

  15. Martha

    Crippled without communication in mid country. Luckily we have a big generator that is working but I haven’t seen any signs of work on the road. Pine tree leaning on power line. Someon shaved off some branches so cars could pass more easily but it’s still sagging there. Fully expect to be on Genny until Monday at least.

    Can anyone recommend a tree guy? Six Dow in my back yard and the guy I used for Irene is only doing emergencies for the next two weeks. My lawn guy is going to help but he doesn’t have workmans comp….and I don’t want to get gouged.

    • Hate to say it, Martha, but the odds of finding an experienced tree man willing to forego a high-paying customer in order to charge you less is … well, unlikely. Welcome to the free market, where prices rise and fall with demand. Best time for tree services is probably in mid-summer, when demand is low. Just make sure you don’t request their services immediately after a wind storm.
      That said, have you tried calling Town Hall? I don’t know how handy he is with a chainsaw – probably not, but Peter Tesei doesn’t appear to be busy.

      • Martha Lindstrom

        Yeah my gardener suggested we wait two weeks, but one clump of four trees is lying on some shrubs and a couple of mid sized spruce, so I was hoping to get the wood off them.

        So, what is the most efficient way to process downed trees? I have been snipping away at the small stuff with my fiskars and making a pile-but I’m barely making a dent and we are all afraid of the consequences of a chainsaw purchase! On the up side, combined with Irene, we will now have about a ten year supply of firewood!

        • Chainsaws are fabulous tools but extremely dangerous in inexperienced hands (Google “chainsaw kick-back” and I’m sure you’ll learn more than you want to about what happens when a blade of whirring sharp teeth bounces off a log and into your face), so I wouldn’t recommend that you buy one. If your realtor was any sort of decent guy he’d show up there with his and do the job for you but (a) he isn’t; and (b) he hasn’t seen his own saw since he moved down from Maine, long ago.
          You can’t use green wood for fuel anyway, so I’d let things lie until your gardener can get around to it. Then have him saw the stuff up and either have him split and stack it or, if you’re looking for exercise, do that part yourself. You’ll need a maul, probably two wedges and a good chopping block (that would be a stump) to split them on. Great exercise and a wonderful stress reliever – imagine the head of a detested boss or neighbor there on the block, swing the maul back and kapok! Instant relief.
          But do be sure to do the splitting and stacking part. Unsplit logs will never dry properly and will just slowly rot, taking up space for years and doing you no good.I assume these are hardwood trees you’re talking of. Spruce and other softwoods will dry quickly and burn well but they burn so rapidly you won’t get much use from them and they toss off a lot of creosote, which is not a huge problem in a conventional fireplace but nothing you want in a wood stove. I’d have the gardener chip up any softwoods for mulch or just haul them to the dump.
          so endeth the forestry lesson of today.

          • Martha Lindstrom

            Thanks for the useful info. It’s too bad about my realtor😉 we just finished splitting and stacking Irene wood. Ugh. My father used to process a lot of wood, and we can handle splitting and stacking, but neither me nor my husband can see chainsaw ownership ending well. Gardner is out there now tackling the light stuff-we will need to find another guy in a couple weeks for the heavy work ( the rest of the clump of four needs to come down, too). Stop by if you need a beer or laundry help.

            All the best,

            Martha Lindstrom (203)354-0225 h (203)274-3566 c

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  16. FF

    Anon 1:21 – it is the job of the mayor to whine like a baby when the power goes off

  17. Sound Beacher

    OG two great Fairfield County radios station on the FM 99 and WEBE 108 have been doing good reporting and you can call in to find out stores open or where to get a generator.

  18. dogwalker

    Anon 1:21 am,

    I’m with you. One of the first with the power out, still washing with cold water, relying on the dog to keep my feet warm.

    All along, with that pole down on Milbank and other issues, I have had the sneaking suspicion that we would be among the last to get back power. Unfortunately, I’m afraid we may be among that 5 percent who do not have it back even by Monday or Tuesday.

    Thank goodness I have lots of blankets! And Balducci’s has great soups!