Call your elected leader!

Greetings from Palm Beach!

I assume that’s Peter Tesei, but can you find him?

From an Old Greenwich reader:

Chris – this is important and maybe your readers can call in. I live on Shore Road in OG and CL&P says the Town of Greenwich told them to hold off on that area until further notice. That’s why there’s no trucks. However I called the Town’s Emergency Mgmt office and they say that’s not true. In fact they listed Shore and Tomac as a priority streets. So they are going to debrief with the CL&P rep, but if more people call in and report this “miscommunication” it may get fixed faster.

UPDATE: you can email them; or call them at 203 622-2222. That’s for the Emergency Preparedness folks, but they can probably find Peter and pass along your comments.


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31 responses to “Call your elected leader!

  1. The New Normal

    it’s a zero-sum game

    one area prioritized means another is neglected until later

  2. tlewis

    Where is the press? Seemingly in love with Obummer, as its absolutely absurd for the supposed leader of the developing world to experience gas shortages, food shortages and ongoing power outages for what will likely be one week in the immediate areas surrounding its largest city. If the press would only show this level of government ineptness and again failings, Obummer would lose by a landslide next TUES…

    • Sorry, but much as I dislike Obama I’m not going to blame the man for causing a mega-storm. These things happen. We should probably harden our nation’s infrastructure or at least have a serious discussion on the cost-benefit analysis, but that conversation should have begun fifty years ago. It’s a great idea to toss Barry back to Kenya, but a hurricane blasting our coast is not his fault.

  3. Cos Cobber

    I hear, fwiw, crews have been working their way through the Pemberwick/Glenville area.

  4. GPD Folk

    You would be amazed at the incompetence displayed by CL&P during anything remotely resembling a major storm.

  5. HD

    Why can’t Riverside at least see some progress? I have yet to see anyone working south of the Post Rd in Riverside. I have a 6 day old newborn, so the lack of response is infuriating.

  6. ML

    Its unbelievable how selfish become in storms such as this one. Yes, CL&P wants to take as long as they can to restore your power. Seriously people. They assess and figure out out problems and try to prioritize according to how many they can get online per fix. I really dont think that a six week old is on their priority list. I have small kids, and yes I know its personal but we have had enough issues in the past two years that some personal preperations (i.e. a generator) would have been a good idea. I lived in S. Florida, so I am used to these things but we did have enough anticipation for this storm to get ready. To not have backup power, food, full gas tanks in cars, batteries, flashlights, etc. is just foolishness on your part.

    I too agree with Chris that although I dislike the President, there is not much that he can do to make this better. Manpower in the form of security (i.e. National Guard), food and water is all the Feds can really do to help. Emergency funds also help pay for the mess.

  7. dogwalker

    People in every area of town are frustrated. Downtown is a nightmare. As if it is not hard enough to get around for those of us who actually live there, where does everybody go when they get cabin fever (and for many of our air-brain citizens that means Tuesday at the crack of dawn before the tree crews have even gotten started)? Downtown, of course. With Milbank closed at one point; Davis/East Elm closed; Bruce Park Avenue in the park closed; and only one lane passable on other roads in the area, tons of traffic was funneled onto very few roads. And then when 95 northbound slowed to a crawl yesterday afternoon, lots of those people tried local roads. Downtown was a parking lot.

    Oh, yeah, and I lost power early Monday afternoon and am still in the dark . . . and cold.

  8. dogwalker

    p.s. Why can’t the Republicans come up with more Chris Christies?

  9. Anonymous

    I went to the Stop n Shop and A&P near the library about 2 hours ago and neither had power yet – I would assume this part of town is (and should be) a priority over residential areas. I think we are in this for the long haul. I have yet to see a power crew but have heard that they exist …

  10. HD

    ML, clearly you jumped to a lot of conclusions in your post. I have a 6 day old, not 6 week do and never said I wasn’t prepared. I’m fortunate enough to be staying somewhere with power and from my hospital room had booked room at the Hyatt as backup as well. That does not make me selfish for expecting to be given a timetable of when my power will be restored at this point, or for expecting the numbers on the CL&P outage page to be going down in a more noticeable amount.

  11. I heard an interview with an angry Manhattanite this morning, who was royally ticked off that there weren’t hordes of government lackeys handing out free flashlights and food in his neighborhood. I can’t imagine not having a few working flashlights, extra batteries and non perishable food in the house at all times.

    No power in Northern Westchester either, but the Honda generator I bought after Irene is running like a champ.

  12. The New Normal

    The responses on this blog are comical

    I think it’s probably fair to say CL&P are doing their best to restore power in a timely manner, for no other reason than IT IS IN THEIR INTEREST TO DO SO

    No one owes anyone anything and there are no guarantees in life. I am sure HD living in Riverside has a lot more to be thankful for than to complain about in the grand scheme of things.

    • The issue, Normal, is that there seems to be no CL&P presence in town whatsoever. There might be a valid reason to completely ignore Greenwich, but why isn’t that reason disclosed? If there’s some town in such dire need of emergency work that Greenwich cannot receive a single repair truck, okay – disasters happen, we wait our turn, whatever, but somewhere there’s a guy who knows why Greenwich has been abandoned, and Tesei ought to find him and pass along his reasoning to us. While he’s at it, Peter might also inquire as to the date when CL&P does intend to make an appearance.

  13. Anonymous

    The New Normal (first comment above) is right. To prioritize OG would be to not prioritize everywhere else.

    I may call CL&P, impersonate a Town of Greenwich spokesman, and tell them again to hold off on the Shore Road area until further notice. Just a bunch of whiners over in that section of town.

  14. ML

    HD, first of all, congratulations!! My point wasn’t to specifically call you out (but I did, sorry about that), but to highlight the craziness of people and especially the media in times like these. Nobody can prepare perfectly especially the utility companies with the uncertainty and unpredictability of these storms. It just takes time and days to restore power. Make the most of it, relax and dont blame others was my point. Its an impossible task to please everyone.

    To further my point, in March of 2010 I got stuck in my current home that was under construction during a Nor’easter. Luckily they had installed the genearator that week! Cold temperatures, a two year old and a 4 month old. Limited Food and no furniture. I tree took down a powerline in front of my house blocking the only exit with a live wire. By day two, I had to call GPD, which walked 2.5 miles to bring us food for the minor and Formula and diapers for the baby. I didnt blame CL&P, just did my best and became resourceful.

  15. Fred2

    Yeah everyone should take a DEEEEP breath, it might be week++ in some areas, CL&P is not omniscient and their crews are probably working stupid hours for the foreseeable future and much of what they fix probably isn’t even “on the list”. ( e.g they know about big stuff, and about “street X has no power”, but whether street X has one break, or 5, the line guy who pulls that straw gets to find out. Surprise.)

    And if he fobs you off with “the town told us not to”; don’t take it personally, everyone is yelling at him: management, local ingrates, and he’s dog tired. He ‘s just trying to get rid of you so he can keep working. Bring them some hot chocolate and sandwiches instead, it’s cold work, and you might be surprised what a little sympathy will get you.

    Also if it makes you feel better, I have family up in Quebec, in the ice storm back in ’99? Large parts of rural Quebec lost power for 3-4-5-6 _WEEKS_ in Jan and Feb, where the daily HIGH temp is 10’s of degrees BELOW freezing. The many suburbs lost power for over a week. Downtown Montreal was basically out for days and days and on rotating shut offs for longer ( as they conjured together major power lines from broken telephone poles and trees, as the power towers had come down.)

  16. HD

    Thanks. Chris, I thought your blog was a safe place to vent but I didn’t realize I’d be taken to task for it. There are many things I’m thankful for currently, like my healthy baby and no damage to my house, but no one wants to read about that. Much more fun to vent

  17. j

    CT = State of Emergency. Greenwich Ave Parking Meters are being enforced. Discuss.

  18. Old Green Warlock

    Chris, Wasn’t sure where to ask this and thought you and readers might know — I got a voicemail message from Greenwich police on Monday night that “storm surge predicted to be seventeen and a half feet above average. Five to seven foot waves in Long Island Sound will add additional height to the water.” What exactly did that mean? Were they trying to say 17-1/2′ above high tide otherwise expected for that day? or 17-1/2′ above average tide between high and low tide expected for that day? or 17-1/2′ total height of tide? Plus 5-7′ on top of that? Potentially 24-1/2′ over something. I didn’t understand the message. Anyone know what they meant, or what the actual surge was and how it differed across the Greenwich coastline? I was in the “red” zone (4) of the town SLOSH map, which was encouraged early Monday to “voluntarily” evacuate, but then late Monday I heard over WGCH they were converting it to mandatory evacuation order. Actual surge seemed a lot less than what I feared. I’m just planning for the next one…. Also, what was up with the town website Monday night? Even though I had power and internet, town website was not working at all.

  19. Anonymous

    Hello from Byram, the temp is pleasantly warm and power is lovely. Now if you’ll pardon me, I need to go have a ham and cheese with some Grey Poopon.

  20. The only thing that matters is....

    I took a train in to Manhattan on Metro North today.

    It was free! All MTA fares are waived Thursday and Friday.

    I then read that Thomas DiNapoli, comptroller for NY, has asked the Federal Government to pick up 100% of the $6bln estimated cost of recoery for NY state, as it was a natural disaster and the feds can print money while state and local budgets are under pressure.

    It now made sense why my train ride was free: just charge the US taxpayers for the cost, essentially redistributing from the rest of the US to NY and CT residents.

    So to all of you out there: thank you for contributing to my train fare today and tomorrow.

  21. NoPowerNoCry

    From the greenwich town website

    “The Town has received additional resources for opening up our roads by utilizing contractual tree crews provided by CL&P. Presently there are 14 line crews and 23 tree crews in service.”

    If you look at the CL&P website – Greenwich is in better shape than most along the coast (Stamford is looking in the best shape around us)

  22. Fake-Email


    With regard to the statement: “[M]uch as I dislike Obama I’m not going to blame the man for causing a mega-storm…”

    Here’s what the President said: “I am absolutely certain that generations from now, we will be able to look back and tell our children that this … was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal…”

    The ocean rose and people drowned.

    He lied. People died.

    P.S. You know that if Bush was still president, the MSM and the DBs of the world would blame Bush for the storm, the response, the deaths, all of it.

  23. Anon

    From what I understand on the measuring of storm surge is it is taken from Mean Low Water. In the Greenwich area the normal tide runs between 6 and 7 feet or so. If they are predicting a 12 foot storm surge it indicates about 5 feet above normal. I found the method of reporting storm surge confusing at best and the news media made no effort to clarify it but that might have been intentional to motivate those who were told to evacuate and had decided to ride out the storm.

  24. Old Green Warlock

    Thanks Anon. What you wrote makes sense and is much clearer than what I was hearing from the media.

  25. pulled up in OG

    Warlock – Next post up, the Island Beach item.
    See EarthImage comment, then click on the ryanhanrahan link.