Did Greenwich Time fire ALL its reporters?

A reader alerts us to a tweet from the twit, Peter Tesei regarding power restoration, and supposedly printed in the Greenwich Time. I can’t find it, just as I can’t find almost anything directly concerning Greenwich. The paper’s article on power resumption reports on conditions in Milford, its “Live Blog storm coverage” is from Danbury, a warning about sewage contaminating water supplies is about Bridgeport, and so on. Our hometown paper is about as hometown as WGCH, which broadcast a Patriots football game during Sandy’s approach on Sunday.

You can’t fault the radio station for abandoning Greenwich: there’s simply no viable business plan for an operation that’s listened to only during snowstorms and hurricanes, but I’m told that some people still buy Greenwich Time and look for it as a source of local news. The paper might have at least kept a couple interns on staff – they cost nothing and yet could help maintain the illusion that “Greenwich Time” is still about Greenwich.

(Here’s the paper’s article on “Greenwich” gasoline shortages)


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4 responses to “Did Greenwich Time fire ALL its reporters?

  1. Another Reader

    It doesn’t matter how much we complain, they don’t listen. Some IT guy is probably putting the stories on the GT Web site because often they don’t have captions, or something is misspelled.

    • Right – I think that’s the article that first annoyed me – I don’t really care about state-wide conditions, I want to know about Greenwich. Provincial, sure, but really, why would I give a fig about some poor bastard in Bridgeport shivering in the dark, and vice versa?

  2. And then, here in Bedford we actually DO have a parochial newspaper – all BFD all the time but do they have a website or Twitter feed?? NOOOOO. So we rely on the twitter feed of the Patch system of virtual papers and they do incredible updates – lists of roads that are open now, what stores have milk. They get an A+++ from me. There must be a Greenwich Patch?
    I’m more upset that come Tuesday night I’ll be sitting by my radio for election results, a la 1948. No Cablevision and no hope of it or power for days upon days. I Tweeted @Kohler to ask what the reecord is for longest continuous running of generator. I fear I may set the record.😦