It is to laugh

A nor’easter coming our way next week? Maybe, according to NOAA, but heck, after this week, we’ll just scoff. I hope.


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5 responses to “It is to laugh

  1. Cos Cobber

    its easier to laugh about the snow than 1,500 immediate layoffs in Stamford and lets face it, a likely exit from the area when their lease ends in 2017.

  2. Thinking out loud, what the people w/o power or acces to stores could use is a delivery truck service of bread/milk etc. A glorified roach coach driving the back roads. I wonder if the van Leuween kid could take his yellow trucks around towns and do just that. Instead of ice cream, he could load up with hot soups, sammies, milk, bread – give food away, especially to the work crews. Kinda like what Midnight Run does for the homeless – this would be for the powerless!! For those who want to help defray the costs, there could be a donation jar. Sign me up.

  3. Anonymous

    thanks for heads up on upcoming storm.

    i just got an email from optimum saying that access to internet via their wifi hotspots is an alternative in case the physical cable connections are down. those of you with optimum service might look into that as a plan b. i’m going to connect to it today. you have to “register” your computer with them first.

  4. Anonymous

    @EOS, I thought of you when I read this story:

    I don’t know if the service is available to you or if it would work in areas that are cut off by fallen trees but it might be worth looking into. Thoughts and prayers to you and your family, I hate to comment at your blog right now since I know you’re limited by your lack of power and regular internet services.

  5. AJ

    During the Quebec Ice storm we lost power for about a week, and when we did have power there was no cable TV. Oddly, our land line telephone worked throughout the whole event.