It’s going to be a long time coming, a long time gone

At least CS&N had a little smoke to keep them amused while they waited. I just toured Riverside and Old Greenwich and the readers are right: there’s not a single CL&P crew in evidence anywhere.
I’ve relocated to a powered house but one of my brothers has insisted on staying where he is, with our mother. We may have to revisit that decision soon because I don’t see how we can expect power to be restored before next week. I mean, to restore the electricity you need utility workers, no?
No shortage of independent businessmen hard at work clearing trees, repairing roofs and cleaning flood damaged houses. Time to privatize the utilities?


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14 responses to “It’s going to be a long time coming, a long time gone

  1. Ditto here. National guard arrived this morning to begin cutting down the hundeds of trees in the way. We’re told at min five to seven more days w/o power. Plus, I have to stand outside to get cell service!!!

  2. Cos Cobber

    Obviously Sandy is the big story locally and nationally. I’ve been fortunate, didn’t loose power during the storm and the surge never reached the magnitude forecasted by the town last Sunday night at 9:30. Where are the power crews, I don’t know. I do know that while we can bitch and talk about requiring CLP to maintain a larger on hand staff of lineman, just what would such large crews do the other 11.5 months of the year?

    Switching topics, it appears all signs point to UBS exiting Stamford in 2017 given their restructuring announcement on 10/30. Talk about double whammy. Look for conversation to evolve in the coming year into ‘why not move Bridgewater into the UBS complex?’

    • I just heard from a guy, who might know about such matters, that “people” are predicting a large exodus from NYC by the financial firms and they aren’t coming out here. If my own client base is typical, and I think it is, the financial industry is the Greenwich real estate market; lose those guys and we’re back to selling houses to sweaty impoverished lawyers and the like. That might improve our town (or not, depending on your view of these things) but it surely won’t support current values. Not necessarily a problem for real estate agents – lower prices = more buyers, we’ll just have to sell more – but it could prove a real disappointment to homeowners who paid 2007 prices and are already underwater.

  3. Anonymous

    was that a pun unintended?

  4. A Happy OG Resident

    Chris, we just got power back in OG near Binney Park. It was private contractors that seemed to get it done, several trucks from Asplundh Tree and a private electrical contractor crew from St. Louis, MO. Thanks guys for making the long trek here to help.

  5. Cos Cobber

    Well CF one could argue that NYC has been pushing out industries for a couple hundred years only to have new industries formed by the ‘creative class.’

    I have a hard time envisioning the remaining i-banks leaving Manhattan in whole. Sure, they’ll establish meaningful satellite offices to help manage costs, but like tech, it’s still good to be in a cluster location to access talent and ideas.
    Now, if we are talking massive layoffs because of Dodd-Frank and a dearth of financial business, then that’s another kettle of fish.
    Oh, is your friend referring to the global i-banking shift away from the US to Singapore/HK and Asia in general?

    • I’m not sure, Cc. I do know, because my clients tell me so, that Dodd Frank is destroying the profitability of banks. They don’t have to do business in New York (and if you look at the candidates to replace Blumberg, there’s no reason to think they will want to) and they surely don’t need to be located in this country.
      Demonize and throttle an industry long enough and you’ll get what you want: they’ll go away. That will please most of our citizens, but not all.

  6. Libertarian Advocate

    I haven’t seen a single NU line truck here in West Waziristan since the storm struck. The Aspluhnd size tree cutting crews are just starting to move into Westover area now. North bound Merritt exit 33 re-opened just under an hour go, but SB 33 Exit is still blocked. Mianus/Valley Rd. now open, but River Road still closed to through traffic.

    I’m guessing I’ll be very lucky if I have power back by Sunday night. Good thing all my numerous previous bad experiences with NU induced me to get two portable generators.

    So, tell me Mr. Brokerman, would it be a good selling feature down the road if I invest in a whole house generator now?

    • It’s certainly a selling point: buyers are much more aware of the possibility of long term power outages after that spring storm of two years ago, then Irene and then last October’s, but I don’t believe they’ll pay more for a house that has one- buyers are like that.
      $15,000? If you’re planning to stay for awhile and you’ve got money burning a hole in your pocket, why not? But don’t expect to get that back when you sell.

  7. Libertarian Advocate

    I’d not so much expect the money back, so much as be the #1 pick among 2, 3 or 4 houses on a purchaser’s list top choices. That, and I’m the last guy on my line, and therefore often re-energized as many as 5 days later than the next to last guy.

    • No, I think that’s what I was trying to say, LA – buyers do differentiate between houses and will choose the one with more of the features they’re looking for, so a generator, new kitchen, great master bath, whatever excites them, will cause them to pick your house over an otherwise-similar house, same neighborhood, same price. But it’s been my experience that, while they prefer a house with those niceties and, all other things being equal, will buy it instead of another, they tend to think that they should be included in the price of the house. But if something like that causes your house to sell faster, that’s a good thing, no? And the carrying costs of a house that you no longer want to live in or, worst case, no longer live in, can be substantial.

  8. South of Village

    Chris – this is important and maybe your readers can call in. I live on Shore Road in OG and CL&P says the Town of Greenwich told them to hold off on that area until further notice. That’s why there’s no trucks. However I called the Town’s Emergency Mgmt office and they say that’s not true. In fact they listed Shore and Tomac as a priority streets. So they are going to debrief with the CL&P rep, but if more people call in and report this “miscommunication” it may get fixed faster.

  9. None

    I’m on Valley Rd. We had power until 1:00pm Monday. Then they turned it off and we’ve been in the dark, literally & figuratively, ever since. Haven’t seen a single crew out except the tree surgeon who drove by yesterday under close guard by a town policeman, Humvee and a duce and a half both full of natl’ guard. Well we’ve imported all the people already so…. Welcome to South America, Greenwich! I hope we can adjust to the third world.