Rumors, but has anyone actually seen a CL&P crew anywhere in town?

In my own travels I haven’t spotted a single one and so far, readers also are reporting a complete void. Has someone out there run into any? Let us know.
GPD, how about your guys – have they found one yet?


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28 responses to “Rumors, but has anyone actually seen a CL&P crew anywhere in town?

  1. Anonymous

    i saw a very small crew at the OG/stamford border. it looked like they were switching out something underground (no visable damage). to your point chris, i have seen tons of downed power lines with no activity anywhere – from OG all the way up Lake – simply dead.

  2. Walt

    Dude –
    No CL&P crews. Write something interesting. Me and the reader are bored shitless.
    Your Pal,

  3. LAK

    I have not seen 1 CL&P truck since this started! Still w/o power! I’m ready for Bellvue!

  4. Demmerkrat Patriot

    We had crews on the west side working, but not from CL&P. They were contractors from Missouri (!).

  5. ML

    Ive only seen Asplundh cutting trees. No CL&P.

  6. pulled up in OG

    Five line trucks currently at work between First Cong. church and Wesskum Wood.

  7. GPD Folk

    They assembled at 645 this morning to begin clearing roads in the backcountry. My question is why they are still in their own words ” assessing damage” it s pretty obvious to many of us. I was told by a long time CL&P line worker that the new managers have no real storm experience and always have an eye on the bottom line

  8. dogwalker

    Greenwich Patch has a story updated at 2.15 p.m. quoting Tesei as saying that there are 14 line crews (no company specified) and 23 tree crews.

  9. Libertarian Advocate

    Update from West Waziristan: Saw 8 private contractor line crew trucks idling on Roxbury Rd just east of Westhill H.S. Also recovery command center appears to have sprung up in Scalzi Park in Stamford. Lots of trucks awaiting crews. Also, Word is FEMA requested USAF ferry line trucks from californicate to NY in their Galaxy transport planes. Men & materiel are inbound. Chris Christie’s BJ seems to have worked.

  10. Linda Monte

    Ok, guys. Put your money where your mouth is. When CL&P goes before the rate commission for an increase in rates, SHOW UP and voice your complaints about CL&P. They are so derelict they don’t even have information posted anywhere about their actions. If you call you get a message that says nothing except they are working for you to get things back to normal. I know it was a huge storm but they should at minimum keep those of us in the dark up to date on what’s going on. SHOW UP COME RATE INCREASE TIME. It will work! The rate commission is sick of them too.

  11. D

    In backcountry, only no name crews helping to clear roads. No CL&P yet… Would love an estimate.

  12. Anonymous

    I’m in southern CT, and I have yet to see a single CL&P crew. But that’s expected. My town was dead last to get power back after both Irene and the October snowstorm, so I’m betting we’ll be last again. Oddly enough, according to the CL&P outage map, the percentage of outages is 10% higher than it was this morning. Are they working backwards?

  13. InfoDiva

    Does anyone know the size of the Connecticut National Guard? According to an article in the Greenwich Time, they deployed two teams of eleven to Greenwich, and then withdrew them to send them to another town that was more demanding.

    Exactly how many Guardsmen are there in total, and what are they all doing right now?

  14. Riverside Chick

    Saw a CL&P truck looking at huge wires down and split poles in front of St. Paul’s (Indian Head rd)then he left.

  15. Riversider

    I have only seen the trucks on Sound Beach near Binny Park. I did see a CL&P man in his car smoking a cigarette in OG parking lot. He said the reason we don’t have many trucks is because someone forgot to sign off on getting extra trucks. He was not specific. He also said they need to fix the substation lines first (on Tomac) before power will get fixed elsewhere. I drove by there and saw no crews. Looks like it will be a while…

  16. Xyzzy

    Someone working on the transformer right in front of first congressional church on sound beach ave.

  17. pulled up in OG

    First Cong. church has power. The rest o’ you heathen dogs can go suck eggs.

  18. Anonymous

    Saw one truck in 3 days. Haven’t seen any significant progress in their posted numbers over the last 30 hours. If you have just 1,000 crews out working on lines and they each restore 100 customers a day, which is nothing, do the math and we should see somehting!

  19. Anonymous

    Mid country between Lake and North there are many roads blocked and no sign of a worker. Who cares for the 0.1% anyways?

  20. toast

    1st time post here, have lived in this town over ten years and work in construction here. A portion of the properties mentioned I have worked on. Only recently discovered this blog and have to say I love it. Please keep up the great work CF.

    Re: lack of work on North : North St, are you kidding? I just drove down from north Greenwich. Those guys from Missouri have replaced over 4 miles of poles and re-strung all the high voltage wire along the tops. When you are stuck in traffic while they work up ahead take a look at every new pole alongside the old one. That’s a massive effort. Please don’t blame the few cl&p linemen, the way it works these days is don’t staff linemen but rather hire sub-contractors from out of the region.

    And it goes way back. The number of cl&p linemen has decreased rapidly over the last ten years.

  21. Hopeless

    My brother just got his power back in Havemeyer Park. I also heard power is back near the business district in OG so some progress tonight. Still so much more to do though.

  22. Anonymous

    Toast, stop injecting clarity and truth to what’s really happening. Let the complainers complain from the safety of their i-pads and perceived knowledge having watched The Electric Company on PBS as kids.

  23. Balzac

    Power was restored at the Balzac villa at midnight. Heard chain-sawing at 3 am, so somebody’s working. Palmer Hill is crawling with crews.

    • Indeed, driving around a bit this morning it is apparent that the cavalry has arrived. Awfully grateful to the men who have come – I imagine they’ve been at this elsewhere since Monday and must be exhausted.