So how’s Cos Cob doing?

Homecoming Queen arrives on Siwanoy

Back when Riverside had the current and a former First Selectman living on the same street you could be sure that there was one road in town that would be plowed first. I wonder whether the same holds true for lowly Cos Cob, which now hosts our First Selectman, our Second Selectman, our Congressman and even Frankie Fudrucker, King of Democrats. So has power been restored there? Streets cleared?  If I can find my passport I intend to drive by later this evening but I’m curious now.


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10 responses to “So how’s Cos Cob doing?

  1. cos cobber

    Doing just fine here. We have all the political power, all the electrical power, all the gas stations, the best harbor (greenwich water club came through without a scratch) and of course all the banks.

    Little known fact but at 10pm monday night all the town plows were lined up on strickland and river road to hold back the surge and it worked!

    • Damn, what a picture that must have been! Glad you’re in good shape.
      Is it also true that you guys used your above-ground pools as sandbags, you resourceful peasants you?

  2. AndyD

    Cos Cobber, hysterical, thanks, I needed that.

  3. Anonymous

    love that caption

  4. Martha

    All out here. Cablebision being down is the worst bc there is no cell coverage or data roam. Cat rock, bible & valley are passible if u don’t mind driving under and around trees & wires

  5. 2112

    Northern part of Orchard still out. Note that while we lost power (have generator) during the last two major storms, our Verizon FIOS services stayed on — so we have cable, phone and internet. They must be doing something right.

  6. Stranded - Day ???

    Cos Cob is not getting enough love. We, too, have seen no CL&P activity. And here’s the best part, a double-trunker took out our power, driveway and my street (until we cleared a tunnel) at 5:30pm on Monday. If anyone is looking to siphon some unleaded, We have two cars fully-gassed sitting in our garage with no chance of moving anytime soon.

  7. Stranded - Day ???

    Just checked in with my neighbor. Our tree is still blocking the driveway, while supported on wires 3 feet off the ground. Several people have come to look at it, but no action. Time to step it up.

  8. Stranded - Day ???

    Oh, and I just left work in search of gasoline. Either the pumps were empty or I did not have the patience to wait.