Ah, New Yorkers!


Cos Cob residents, on the other hand, headed west

Flocking to Greenwich after sucking their own state dry. No lines or shortages in Stamford or Norwalk, but I guess these idiots drive all the way up here and get off at the first exits. Just like the lottery lines of yore, when we had mobs of people at every convenience store and ticket outlet standing in line for hours when a few towns up they could have strolled right in and thrown away their money effortlessly.

Forget the old wives’ tale abut filling your bathtub before a storm – fill the gas tank of your car. I did, and it’s been one less thing to worry about all week.


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7 responses to “Ah, New Yorkers!

  1. Cos Cobber

    Both my wife and I filled our two cars on Sunday….we remembered what happened to friends in the Hartford area from last year’s Oct snow storm which created long gas lines as stations were closed for a week.

  2. Walt

    I am fine not having power. Or water. But I am running out of E-Z Glide. Is CVS open? This is reaching crisis stage.
    Your Pal,

  3. LAK

    Guilty! Warmer here at hubbys place of work!

  4. Libertarian Advocate

    Nonsense Chris: There are lines in Stamford and 1/2 of the cars bear NY tags. I say lets impose a 3 person per car limit to all NY tagged cars seeking to purchase gas in Fairfield County. EOSR., we’ll give you a special exemption. just kidding y’all!

  5. Anonymous

    Sound Beach Ave and Post Road is a mess! They’ve just opened up 2 more stations on Post Road. Hundreds lined up for the precious petro. The cops finally showed up to direct traffic.

  6. Slapped Ass.

    The news and GPD says the wholesale gas supply is adequate. Truth is lines like these are common from South NJ to Central CT. This is not a Greenwich only scenario. The politicians and police make the public think this, its far from the truth. These gas lines will be here, and will get worse before they get better.

  7. Artie

    Here in northern NJ, it was smart to do both. While the benefits of gas are obvious – although one may forget about generators accidentally (cough, ME, cough). Water in the tub is useful to those of us who have wells – to manually flush the toilet. I still have water left for flushing. Thank heavens, as I still have no power.