Canadians save our bacon

One of the Super Mario Bros. was just (2:20) getting off I-95 and espied this truck near the Greenwich train station. Hooray!

Live, from Quebec!


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8 responses to “Canadians save our bacon

  1. Walt

    Dude –
    This is getting serious now. Do you have power? I need a shit shower and shave. Badly. I offend myself. So i will be popping by. I will bring some Pepperidge Farm. Half eaten but learn to cope.
    Can you do Surf and Turf for dinner? You loser.
    Do You have Irish Spring and Herbal Essence? A hot tub maybe? And baby powder? I have a tender touché
    Your Pal,

  2. CatoRenasci

    During the storms last year and two years ago, we had a number of crews from HydroQuebec – really nice guys who worked very hard.

    • I’m always impressed by the cooperation of this country’s and Canada’s linemen during disasters. Good folks all, seemingly, and though they’re working under exhausting conditions, they are, as you note, really nice guys. I doubt it’s the overtime pay that makes them so pleasant – these are decent people. Grateful and glad we can count on them.

  3. InfoDiva

    I remember them from the March 2010 storm, when we were without power for 10 days, The most modern trucks and the nicest guys, The Canadian government at work.

  4. Anthony Fountain

    Do you remember the ice storm in ’71 or so (the eponymous movie was based on it)? No power for three days (unheard of in those days), a line crew of Canucks from Quebeck finally showed up on Gilliam Lane late evening and Mom was so delighted she made hot toddies for the whole crew, which received and drank them with grateful thanks.

    • Probably the winter of ’73, because I was away in college then and received news of the adventure via a letter – the Internet must have been down.
      Speaking of that era, I see that Governor Christie has implemented an even-odd license plate rationing system for gasoline purchases in New Jersey starting tomorrow. Somethings never change, including a basic economic illiteracy in all politicians of whatever stripe.

  5. Walt

    Dude –
    Sound Beacher may have posted the first usefull thing ever posted on this blog. Good for him and shame on us. Congratulations I say!! You evil bastard!! I envy you!! You demonic genius.
    Your Pal,