Four more years?

Hopelessness and change, the Obama way


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5 responses to “Four more years?

  1. Anonymous

    Yup, it’s Obama’s fault. Vote Romney in–he has a plan, you know. Really, he does.

    • No plan at all would be an improvement over whatever Obama thought he was doing these past four years. Industrious and stupid is a dangerous, even fatal combination.

  2. Anonymous

    Get ready for four more years, he is going to win unfortunately.

  3. Balzac

    In 2008, Americans had the chance to show we’re not racist. In 2012, we have the chance to show we’re not stupid.

    I have been confident Obama would lose. He certainly didn’t earn a second term. However, now I’m getting nervous. An Obama second term will be like the first but smaller, if that is conceiveable. Will we really subject ourselves to this? Are my worries justified? (I suppose I need to listen to Dick Morris’s optimism again.)

    Question: if Romney wins the popular vote, as predicted, and Obama wins the electoral college also as predicted, will the liberals loudly proclaim that the electoral college is a vestigial anachronism, as they did in 2000?

  4. Anonymous

    Remove the bias in the polls and Romney wins. Only a few more days left for Bozo the clown.