If you think this headline is about Greenwich, think again

Go ahead, make their day: click on this link from Greenwich Time and read all about power being restored in Bridgeport. That should make you feel better. By the way, although Fudrucker probably has the exact number of residences in Greenwich at his fingertips from his years at P&Z, wouldn’t 14,000 homes still without power be about half the homes in town?

UPDATE: who needs Frankie when we have Wikipedia? 24,511 households, so a more accurate headline might read, “58% of Greenwich homes still without power”. But when you edit a paper from Bridgeport, do you really care about accuracy?


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17 responses to “If you think this headline is about Greenwich, think again

  1. Anonymous

    Screw that BS.
    Abraham Lincoln didn’t end slavery.
    John Deere ended slavery.

  2. Riverside Chick

    Electric crew from Misouri came through ready to work- cant because trees never cut away to clear rd. Crews can’t pass on roads because landscapers blowing leaves have their big fuc&in trucks blocking roads. Landscapers stay the fu$k away.

  3. Sound Beacher

    http://www.webe108.com/ And http://www.star999.com are two radio stations that are doing great coverage of the storm both are on the FM dial. They still play music but during the early part of the week they had the mayors of towns calling in, reports on stores that are open and places where supplies were available. Closests thing to a “local station” we have here in Greenwich.

  4. db

    CLP’s outage map of CT. 51% of Greenwich is out. When this started, it was above 80%.


  5. db

    Are you sure? I know there are a ton of trailerparks and hobos running around Greenwich that are powerless.

  6. HD

    Riverside chick, where was this incident you speak of?

  7. pulled up in OG

    Screw Wiki. CL&P’s 27,918 includes bagel shops, sewer pumping stations and Walt’s dildo shop.

  8. Another Reader

    Riverside Chick, an electric crew from Missouri?? That is actually newsworthy. I wonder if the Greenwich Time knows about that. Probably not. They are so lazy, they post hurricane photos from all over the coast on the Web site, from as far as Milford, calling Milford part of our “Community”. Ha ha. Then they don’t even put captions on some of the photos.

  9. Anonymous

    i still don’t understand why powerlines run on top of posts with all the trees we have around…they should be buried and we wouldn’t have this problem anymore. long term, it seems to be a great invesment as they spend lots of money bringing crews from all over every storm.

  10. Riverside Chick

    Hidden Brook rd and Willow rd Riverside- Yes Missouri and yes they are HOT!!!

  11. anonymous

    The Missouri crew fixed our power lines down in Glenville the other day They rock! I saw 2 crews from Florida on Palmer Hill today.

  12. Mr. 85 Broad St.

    Current CL&P President came from Kansas City L&P. Calling in a few favors/handing out out some big checks to his old buddies. Greenwich now has the largest number of outages (not percentage) in the state. Any wonder we get this kind of service from a utility headquartered in Springfield Mass?