Joe Biden: the most honest man in Washington

I’m so ashamed

First came his admission that ‘bama had buried the middle class, today he fessed up to how sorry he is to have ever gotten involved with the man. “There’s never been a day in the past four years I’ve been proud to be his Vice President”.

I could begin to like this guy.


“You need to take a vacation!” the host told the vice president of the United States.

“Well, I’m going to take a vacation about three days after this election is over,” Biden revealed. “That’s what they told me.”

Yeltsin and Obama have a nice Siberian dacha already picked out.


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8 responses to “Joe Biden: the most honest man in Washington

  1. Libertarian Advocate

    Boris??? Is Vladimir channeling him?

    • Oops! I had it in my head that Boris had been shuffled off to a cozy dacha somewhere far away from Moscow. Although he himself probably knows this, I was surprised just now to learn that he’s dead.

  2. Peg

    I’m sorry. Biden is such a hapless putz you just gotta like him.

    Nevertheless, I would like him much more on vacation and away from the White House…..

  3. Anthony Fountain

    Peg, all I can add to your entirely reasonable request is that sharp objects be kept away from him.

  4. Balzac

    When Bush returned to Yale for his reunion, he threatened to ruin the reputation of his english professors by divulging which ones had taught him.

    Compared to Biden, Bush was as eloquent as Daniel Webster.

  5. Fred2

    “I was surprised just now to learn that he’s dead.”

    I’m usually surprised to hear they are still alive… something I hope to say of Obama and Biden in a week.

  6. Dollar Bill

    Dick Morris predicts Mitt in an electoral landslide! Ha! Ha! Ha!

  7. Libertarian Advocate

    Dullard: although I’m inclined to agree with you that Mitt will not win in a LS, what if Morris is correct. What will become of your mind? Will your head explode like those of Martians who hear yodeling? Please advise.