No battle plan survives contact with the enemy


Run away!

400 huge FEMA generators sit idle as officials try to match specific needs with the individual machines. Good idea, but it’s not working. Should have listened to von Moltke.


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2 responses to “No battle plan survives contact with the enemy

  1. Balzac

    What’s up with Bloomberg and Christie sending love-bombs to Obama? Both good guys – have they gone squishy due to water-saturation?
    Bloomberg says he’s endorsing Obama because he’ll act on global warming. Bloomberg got rich creating a great business. At that business, electricity cost is an insignificant portion of cost. Bloomberg doesn’t seem able to comprehend that his green policies will raise power costs significantly, blowing a major hole in the profits of thousands of manufacturing and industrial businesses for whom electricity costs actually matter. Mike, you can ask entrepreneurs in Indiana/Pennsylvania/Florida/California, if you know any. Your green energy policies will kill thousands of jobs away from Wall St.

    Bloomberg should know something about finance. However, he is endorsing Obama, whose policies will continue to make the Chinese ever more our creditors, and the debtors who owe this unrepayable debt? …. well that would be our children. Our national debt is $48,000 per person. Add another $5,400 per person for CT…..

  2. AJ

    Re: ‘No battle plan survives contact’. That’s why they developed the tactic known as muddling through, also know as playing it by ear. This should be easy for them as there is no “enemy teritory”.