What good, political considerations aside, could this possibly do?

Obama orders millions of gallons of fuel to be distributed in northeast.

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration is ordering the purchase of up to 12 million gallons of unleaded fuel and up to 10 million gallons of diesel fuel for distribution in areas impacted by Superstorm Sandy to supplement private sector efforts.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency said Friday that President Barack Obama has directed the Defense Logistics Agency to handle the purchase of the fuel. It will be transported by tanker trucks and distributed throughout New York, New Jersey and other communities impacted by the storm.

The current gasoline shortage afflicting our area is caused by lack of electricity to pump it and not because of a shortage of fuel itself. When the power comes back on, the “crisis” will end. Nothing Obama or any other politician may order will hasten that day. There’s no indication whatsoever that the distribution system devised by non-governmental entities has failed or isn’t working; in fact, we need less governmental interference, not more of it, as evidenced by the EPA being forced to suspend its “winter gas” requirements for the duration so that gasoline could get to regions that need it.

So why is Obama intruding now? Four more days.


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18 responses to “What good, political considerations aside, could this possibly do?

  1. Al.dente@live.com

    I’ve been thinking about the transition of power. Will Bo ‘n Mo have the grace to leave the White House in the same condition they found it? I say no.

  2. Anonymous

    You are wrong, but it’s not the first time. There is a severe shortage of gas….Your big boy, Christie is even rationing.

    • If there’s rationing thee will be a shortage, not the other way around. And every single source I’ve read says there’s fuel – the problem is getting it to individual stations (blocked streets) and into car tanks.
      But let’s concede your point: if there is a fuel shortage, what will our government accomplish that isn’t already be done? The government will buy gas from private refiners, place it in government trucks and deliver it to gas stations that have electricity to power their pumps. Is there something magical about drivig gas from refinery to filling station in an army truck rather than a private one that will affect change? If so, how?
      Again: there’s no shortage of fuels at refineries or in cargo ships and no shortage of tanker trucks to transport the fuel from those locations to individual stations. A government program that addresses either of those two “problems” is superfluous and to the extent it claims to address the real bottleneck, the retail stations closed because of no electricity, it’s nothing but a political sideshow put on for the benefit of television and its viewers.

  3. CatoRenasci

    I agree, they and theirs will trash things the way the Clinton staff did when W was elected. Revolting.

  4. cos cobber

    CF, couldn’t agree with you more. Authorizing gasoline releases is just plain political theater. Let me know when Obama magically repowers the closed gas stations of ny and nj.

    Btw, what was up with the repeated ‘red tape’ comments Obama made on the eve of the storm. He basically admitted that the gov has a process that is wasteful and ineffecient under standard operating procedure.

  5. Linda in Poughkeepsie

    Up here in Poughkeepsie we are experiencing gas shortages as everyone in Westchester and New Jersey who can’t get gas due to no electricity in the pumps are driving up here.

  6. Anonymous

    Tthere are still longs lines at the Greenwich gas stations today, and police keeping everybody civil.

  7. Mr. Independent

    It seems common sense that if the power goes, so does the gas, Why aren’t emergency generators for gas stations part of state and FEMA emergency management kits? Better yet, why wouldn’t a gas station owner install one to maintain their own business?

  8. AJ

    Bill Maher offers the elite’s solution; Bloomberg, I’m sure, would concur.

  9. AJ

    FEMA = Federal Emergencey Management. Combine that with Homeland Security: sort of a Batman and Robin dynamic duo, and you would think that they would be able to know what gas stations needed what kind of generator and how they were going to get it to them. Simple logistics, what the UPS commercial likes to sing about to the That’s Amore tune, that’s how. You think boy wonder, the man with the El Duce pose, would have figured out a way to do this after four years. It’s not like costal storms are a rarity. The fact that they can’t even defend against looting or supply people with fuel is impotence in the extreme.

  10. db

    Part of the issue is also that the pumping stations are without power also. Setting up other distribution points seems a good idea on many levels.

    Given no matter what the current administration does it will be panned on this board……does it really matter?


    • What “other distribution points” are you referring to? There are no such points available nor are any mentioned in the government’s press release announcing the initiative.

  11. Cobra

    Gulf station on the Greenwich/PoCho border had gas at 11 this AM. I waited in line a total of 5 minutes, topped off my car tank and filled a five gallon jug as back up. Back along the Post Road in Greenwich, only a half mile away, all stations had scores of vehicles in line, monitored by town police. Seems to be a panic dynamic, not lack of fuel.

  12. db


    “This morning, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced that the Department of Defense is setting up free emergency mobile fuel stations: “Temporary fuel trucks will be deployed in key locations in New York City and Long Island in order to help provide gas to emergency vehicles and the general public. The trucks are provided by the U.S. Department of Defense at the direction of President Obama and are being deployed in coordination with the New York National Guard at the direction of the Governor. The 5,000 gallon trucks will be deployed throughout the morning and there are an additional 150,000 gallons of fuel available to restock the trucks throughout the day. There is a 10 gallon limit per vehicle. Cars can fill up directly off of the truck.””

    • That detail was missing in earlier reports but I repeat – when you can find gasoline ten miles away from panicked buyers, it’s the panic, not the supply that’s the issue. By Wednesday this will all e over, US military or not. Of course by Wednesday the election will also be over, and isn’t that the point of this exercise?

  13. db

    You can blame everything Obama does on the election. Will never know what he would have done without the election hanging over him.

    Comparisons to the federal response for Katrina will also be interesting.

  14. armonk

    2 gas stations in Armonk, both have electric power, both are out of gas. Shortage caused buy all the people topping off their tanks and filling gas cans for generators. I drove by the small station on Round Hill Road by the fire station at 3 pm today and they were closed. Not sure if it has electric power or not.