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Paris abducts Helen

Ferdinand Steyer sends along this photo of New Yorkers siphoning off our precious lifeblood. Notice that it’s Norwalk and there are no lines – pretty good price, too.


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Megan McArdle says, forget about building massive flood gates in NYC

And she’s right – it would never clear the lawsuits and environmental hurdles. Rebuilding the West Side Highway proved impossible because its construction was met, literally block-by-block, by law suits. The Coney Island boardwalk replacement was stymied for years by environmentalists demanding more studies on the impact that might be caused by replacing wood with plastic boards (and probably, the forced relocation of the rats and homeless types living under it). This is amusing because just last week a federal judge tossed out the opponents’ latest suit and this week Hurricane Sandy took matters into her own hands. Ha! But I digress.

It’s practically impossible to build anything new in New York City and certainly nothing in less than a decade, minimum – witness the “freedom Tower” down where the Trade Center once stood. Amazing to think that the Empire State Building took 18 months to assemble the land and complete. Eighteen months! Never again.


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This should reassure us

Kenya hear him cry? Obama thinks about the disaster that struck our region “every minute he’s not on stage,” his spokesman avers.


Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, a Republican, on Saturday urged the White House and state leaders in the Northeast dealing with the recovery to “stop declaring victory, stop giving speeches” and focus on helping victims of the storm.

“In between every single event, he basically walks off the stage, gets on a phone call with governors, mayors and first-responders,” Ms. Psaki said. “Just from being backstage, [T]hat’s what he’s doing every single moment. He’s focused on it every minute he’s not on the stage.”


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No gas lines in Norwalk

So I hear. I suggest to you that any “gas crisis” that can be avoided by driving seven miles up the highway is no crisis at all, and certainly not one caused by a lack of supply. Cameras rolling, Mr. President?


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Just how stupid is the climate at Businessweek?

I have discovered a nest of idiots!

Just two days after assuring its readers that Hurricane (the governors of all affected states now deny that it was a hurricane) Sandy was caused by global warming, Businessweek editors plunged the depths of their brain pan – 2 cm, I’d guess – and devoted an entire article to “simple recipes for those without electricity.” In order not to tax themselves or their readers, the magazine limits itself to just one recipe, “the cheese sandwich” which is made, again according to their research, by placing a chunk of cheese between two slices of bread. They were unable to accomplish this task themselves so there are no photographs of the assembled final product but any illustrations would be superfluous: readers who rely on this magazine for any information of any kind are obviously too dumb to create such a complicated sandwich anyway.

Although I’m sure their readers would have appreciated some cartoons.

Cheese Sandwich
Any variety of French cheese, such as brie, Camembert, or goat
Bread (whatever variety you can get at the supermarket)

(Editor’s note: the magazine leaves out the final step and neglects to inform you that you’re supposed to put the cheese and mustard between the bread.)


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Power back in Riverside

Ole’s Creek anyway and therefore , problem solved. Fog in Channel, Europe cut off and all that.
State DOT workers swarming Post Road (DOT has jurisdiction over Route One, which is why it isn’t plowed during snowstorms) near Christ Church sawing up trees and clearing. Gideon still has no power on Patterson Avenue but that may have more to do with his attention to paying utility bills than this storm.
Still have gas lines on Post Road. Bicycle stores doing brisk business?


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