Just how stupid is the climate at Businessweek?

I have discovered a nest of idiots!

Just two days after assuring its readers that Hurricane (the governors of all affected states now deny that it was a hurricane) Sandy was caused by global warming, Businessweek editors plunged the depths of their brain pan – 2 cm, I’d guess – and devoted an entire article to “simple recipes for those without electricity.” In order not to tax themselves or their readers, the magazine limits itself to just one recipe, “the cheese sandwich” which is made, again according to their research, by placing a chunk of cheese between two slices of bread. They were unable to accomplish this task themselves so there are no photographs of the assembled final product but any illustrations would be superfluous: readers who rely on this magazine for any information of any kind are obviously too dumb to create such a complicated sandwich anyway.

Although I’m sure their readers would have appreciated some cartoons.

Cheese Sandwich
Any variety of French cheese, such as brie, Camembert, or goat
Bread (whatever variety you can get at the supermarket)

(Editor’s note: the magazine leaves out the final step and neglects to inform you that you’re supposed to put the cheese and mustard between the bread.)


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3 responses to “Just how stupid is the climate at Businessweek?

  1. Fred2

    Thank goodness you filled in the blanks.

    I understand there’s a advanced version called Ham & Cheese, but I have the vapors already.

  2. AJ

    Please, Fred2, the ham could accumulate unhealthy levels of bacteria. By one recipe CF, I assume you don’t consider the root salad or the endive salad (such delicacies) to be real food. I do like the article in your first link: I’ve never seen a bigger pile of verbal vomit in my life. As Obama would like to say, he was all over the map on that one, lterally. If there was any point to it, it was that its author was insane.

  3. Fred2

    The drier cured hams should keep for a week+ at cool room temps, smoked, even longer.