Paris abducts Helen

Ferdinand Steyer sends along this photo of New Yorkers siphoning off our precious lifeblood. Notice that it’s Norwalk and there are no lines – pretty good price, too.


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  1. db

    For those looking for gas, check the website for last reported price time. Match that to the traffic around the station shown on Google maps and you can figure out what you will be dealing with when hitting the station.

    It looks like Stamford has some lines, especially on the major roads around 95 and the Merritt.

  2. db

    Forgot to mention, Gasbuddy has an app for iOS and Android.

  3. Cos Cobber

    How many showings this week? Have you and your low balling customers made any storm adjusted offers?

    • Three showings(one today). No storm adjusted offers but the house we saw today was without heat or electricity.
      Offer for 26 Bramble earlier this week was rejected in favor of another’s, by the way. One week on market, 4 offers, one accepted. That’s what happens when a seller prices right.

  4. Cos Cobber

    26 Bramble sure has up the bar for listing details and photography.

    EOS – Behold:

    CF, I question the noted square footage for this home….on the fly it seems overstated….unless they are including finished space in the attic or basement or perhaps they are counting the garage space.

  5. AJ

    How about some storm adjusted asking prices? Time to do a lttle surf casting with some fresh cut five dollar bills and travel brochures as bait.

  6. Cos Cobber

    CF, is 26 Bramble a FSBO listing – if not who is the selling broker?

  7. AJ

    Where’s Dollar Bill? He must be manning the trenches for that last desperate charge. FORWARD!

  8. There were in fact lines in Norwalk this afternoon.

  9. Sound Beacher

    There are at least 50 cars waiting at the BP station corner of Sound Beach and Rt. 1. We just came back from a fantastic dinner at Olio in Springdale/Stamford on Hope St. We got gas at a station on Hope St., and had just one car ahead of ours. (Stamford seems more civilized than Greenwich.)

  10. db

    Just got gas on Hope street in Stamford. First station had 3 or so cars deep. Next station, one block over, 2 or so deep and the line I went to, right side fill on car, was empty. They had no mid-grade left….but no other problems. I did have the pleasure of watching white trash go off on his wife on “no respecting him”….but entertained me while I used the relatively slow pump.

    If you want gas… is out there with no real problem getting it. You just need to avoid the herd mentality that seems to gravitate to lines.

  11. prosperityfollowsdynamite

    Just returned from the grocery store to fetch some salad dressing and I am astonished at the lines for gas on the Post Road. The one for Sheephill Mobil stretches to McDonald’s, the other for Citgo? runs down Sound Beach to Lockwood. Most of those in the lines are NYC taxis/livery plates. What is wrong with Tesei and the GPD? Seriously. Why are they allowing this? Are the police on overtime, that we are flipping the bill for or have they been diverted from regular patrols? It is not as if we just had a hurricane or something and half of the residents in town are without power. And I sincerely doubt that any of our visitors from the south might be thinking: “Gee, here I am in Greenwich; lotta rich folks with the lights out, wonder what else I might be able to pick up while I’m here?”
    The reality is that Tesei is probably too afraid to say/do anything lest we look “elitest”. Imagine the headline in the NYPOST: GREEDY GREENWICH GRABS GAS. Peter, time to step out of your pink whale pants and put on your big boy trousers and do the job you were elected to do: LOOK OUT for the best interests of GREENWICH.
    After I witnessed the line on Sound Beach, I decided to circle back and do my good deed for the day. I informed several of the cars in the line that if they would just travel north of exit 15, they could have all the gas they wanted with little or no wait and be back to the city in less time then it would take to even get to the head of the line. A few people seemed thankful, most were suspicious; all were possessed of a generally blank stare.

  12. Anonymous

    Saw an almost identical scene at the Getty (Sound Beach/Rte 1). NY pickup truck with HUGE containers in the back being filled up, with the line snaking down to Perrott Library – only 2 cars had CT plates. Isn’t it illegal to drive around with big containers of gasoline? Wonder what would happen if the truck was involved In an accident? The 2 state policemen were talking to each other, not paying any attention to the cars in line. New Yorkers, go home!

  13. db

    CF, just curious, how do you propose to protect Greenwich gas? I’m assuming the businesses selling the gas are independent and have the right to sell to who they want to. How might Greenwich “elitists” protect their right to “their” gas?

    Ignoring all this, anyone from Greenwich can drive 5 or 10 minutes and grab gas with no issues.

  14. John

    Low fuel light is on my in car…..I live in Central Greenwich… went out at midnight up and down Rt 1. Nothing. Not sure what to do right now, as I can’t risk going on a hunt, or I will run out.

  15. There’s a really unkind bent to this line of discussion. Lots of Greenwich would not even exist if not for the proximity to NY and all it has to offer. And I hope I have just missed that people are joking about how people from NY should not be able to fill up in Greenwich. I really hope that I am just missing the humorous intent.

  16. In this photo, how do you know it’s not a contractor who needs all those red gas cans to keep chain saws going to keep clearing trees? How do you know it’s not a truck sent by Habitat for Humanity to gather gas cans to keep generators for elderly and handicapped warm and in their houses? I guess it’s time to retire the peeps participation in your blog. It was fun playing with Walt and the humorous satire of unkindness, but this seems to be real and it’s very unpleasant.

  17. If left to your own resources and barring Port Chester residents from using their gas chain saws and gas in their trucks to do to clear your fallen trees, half of your residents wouldn’t be able to get to Greenwich Ave for the AFTER- Christmas sales.

  18. So many people are suffering and you whine about having to wait while people fill up their can’s? Do you realize that there are people filling up hospitals around here because the hotels are filled and they are just too frail to not get ill staying in a house with no gas for generators or ability to get in and out of their driveways? Visit a hospital around here and you’ll see they are stuffed with elderly people who can’t move around in low light or withstand the cool nights. What a waste of Medicare funding and you have to wait for people to get gas? How many Greenwich residents can afford their estates that are what is part of making Greenwich what it is without NY’s businesses and infrastructure? And you have to suffer looking at a line of vehicles trying to get it working or surviving?

  19. Anonymous

    $3.97 is a good price??? I pay $3.12

  20. Walt

    peeps –
    What crawled up your ass and died? I think the tone has changed because people are stressed. They don’t know how to cope. It’s unfortunate.
    I think it is important to be at your best when times are worst. I always wanted to be a Jew so I could have more money. Or a Pollack so I could bowl a perfect game. Or Black, so I could dance. BUT IT DIDENT HAPPEN!!!
    So I learned to cope. Which is what we all need to do right now.
    Want me to tell you a dirty joke to make you feel better? Or sniff your panties and tell you what you had for lunch? Your choice!!
    Your Pal,

  21. Anonymous

    @peeps, I’d be sad to see you leave. Chris isn’t going to sweet talk you into staying but I think Walt just sent you a love letter and maybe a marriage proposal.

    I hope you’ll feel differently after you had some sleep, you sound pretty tired and stressed out yourself, not at all like your usual self. I hope that things are better for you soon. Best wishes,
    -peeps fan