Power back in Riverside

Ole’s Creek anyway and therefore , problem solved. Fog in Channel, Europe cut off and all that.
State DOT workers swarming Post Road (DOT has jurisdiction over Route One, which is why it isn’t plowed during snowstorms) near Christ Church sawing up trees and clearing. Gideon still has no power on Patterson Avenue but that may have more to do with his attention to paying utility bills than this storm.
Still have gas lines on Post Road. Bicycle stores doing brisk business?


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22 responses to “Power back in Riverside

  1. InfoDiva

    Here in the Calhoun Association CL & P’s estimate is Tuesday, 11 PM.

  2. Cos Cobber

    CF, did you know CT has state troopers? I have never seen a state trooper who wasnt sittng in his car somewhere along an interstate. I think they even manage to write tickets w/o exiting their car. Anyways, there are these trooper guys standing at gas stations in town along US 1.

    Who gave them the map to find Greenwich, FEMA?

  3. Riverside Chick

    Iowa electric crew hooked up area around Indian Head Rd , Willow rd up and running . They tried to hook up Hidden Brook but can’t . Trees blocking road . No sign of any tree crews to start cutting away trees blocking rd.

  4. Downtown traffic fix

    Relief from Mason St traffic snarl!
    Crew of seven lift trucks from Jacksonville, Fla put the wires on 2 new poles on Milbank.
    Why does CLP refer to all the workers as “CLP crews”?
    They may be paying them but they should give credit to these people (who are very polite and seem thrilled to have the work)

  5. Mr. 85 Broad St.

    Not in our part of Riverside. Crew working last night at the mess on Indian Head/Riverside gave up and left everything on the ground. As of an hour ago, no work in progress but lots of trucks and workers “staging” in St. Paul’s parking lot.

  6. Riverside Chick

    No school on Monday if they don’t start cleaning up wires in front of St Paul’s, major bus stop for kids. Stil looks very dangerous.

  7. Anonymous

    As of 2:30, still no work at Indian head by the power crew and the Cablevision vans are there. My outage status still shows I should have power back around 5:45 tonight though. Sadly I don’t see how that’s going to happen.

  8. Riverside Chick

    Iowa crews back on Hidden Brook ready to hook up electric . Standing looking at downed trees can’t work because no tree crew unblocked rd. So frustrating!!

  9. Cobra

    No power/phone/cable/internet access up here near the Merritt as of Saturday. My guess as to restoration in our area is about 2 weeks, given the vast number of poles, wires, trees down. So, I’m at the Apple store on Greenwich Avenue to hitch onto their wi-fi.Thankfully, we bit the bullet last spring and bought a nice propane-powered Generac. So far, so good, but somewhat boring re-reading old issues of Soldier of Fortune, Small Arms Review, American Rifleman, etc.

  10. Anonymous

    We figured out on our street a few storms back that it is worth it (if you can swing it) to get landscapers to cut up downed trees ASAP post-storm. You really only need tree crews for the high branches. Not sure what HiddenBrook is like, but call a landscaper w a chainsaw and get your power back.

  11. Anonymous

    Sigh, the crews at Indian head appear to have abandoned ship. Lines still down on the ground. Tuesday 11 pm it is….

  12. The Mick

    CREW ON SUMMIT ROAD !!! Finally!!!
    Any longer and I would have been advertising in Soldier of Fortune…lol

  13. Anonymous

    Hope folks on generators know to add oil soon so engines keep humming. Never has such a loud noise sounded so reassuring.

  14. pulled up in OG

    CL&P’s been kickin’ ass this storm.
    Statewide down to 5%.

  15. Anonymous

    Power back up by midnight in Riverside for most per CL&P cust svc.
    No word on school for Monday but given they have to get ready for the election on Tues it seems doubtful. A possible nor’easter on Wed. Looks to be a fun week ahead!

  16. The Mick

    Not tonight, Josie!
    Crews gone – no power.
    You know if Scott Franz with his Trump do had any juice we’d all be OK by now

  17. AndyD

    Got our power back on RivAve tonight and it is great to be home. They were within an hour of when they said too. Thanks for all the storm comments from your readers over the last week. Now I gotta go buy a generator so this doesn’t happen again.

  18. pulled up in OG

    “They tried to hook up Hidden Brook but can’t . Trees blocking road . No sign of any tree crews to start cutting away trees blocking rd.”

    Meanwhile, Siciliano’s boys “spent the last two or three days cleaning sand out of parking lots” at Tod’s Point.

    • Can’t speak to poor Hidden Brooks’s state of repair, of course, but I have seen swarms of private tree companies, some from out of state, working all over town. Easy for me to counsel patience when I have power, but there really are a lot if people working, finally, and the destruction is still pretty awesome.
      That and a candle will heat you a cup of coffee, I know.

  19. pulled up in OG

    I think you missed the point, Chris, pardon the pun.

    Three selectmen are flapping their gums at CL&P while a bunch of town employees and equipment are wasted doing non-essential work in a friggin’ sand box.