Gas has gotten tight up the line

Just (10:30) back from Westport and most of the gas stations on Rt 1 are out of gas, the few that aren’t have lines. I hear that if you head away from 95 you’ll still find gas: second exit of the Rt 7 extension from Exit 15, for instance.
Best advice is to just sit still for a couple of days to let panic buying subside. I saw a steady stream of tankers on the highway, so gas is coming in.
I was amused to see three flat beds carting replacement telephone poles (6 dozen, total) heading south on 95 while 3 flatbeds also carrying poles passed them heading north. There obviously is no central command distribution center at work right now, but a little patience will see things sorted out.


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5 responses to “Gas has gotten tight up the line

  1. Anonymous

    Plenty of gas out here in the boondocks. Makes one wonder, what with the election around the corner, doesn’t it?

  2. Out Looking In

    Cuomo/Obama supposedly bringing in 24 million gallons of RBOB over next 48 hrs…also homeless security lifted shipping ban Friday to allow more tankers to bring in Gasoline to NY Harbor terminals….apparently concern of oyster beds and other environmental issues takes precedence over running generators in Staten Island/until Friday…fun to watch the Christie/Obama lovefest though- holed up in Yonkers…

  3. Balzac

    Sunday morning a caravan of 2 pick-up trucks followed by 6 bucket trucks was proceeding west on Rte. 1 in Riverside, all from NStar in Boston. The driver said “This is a small deployment.”

    Meanwhile our elected officials are complaining about the “slow” response.

  4. Scott "The Do" Franz

    They were going back to Summit Road by Riverside School to take care of my constituents there. The town needs more control over this process in the future. Stamford, Malloy country, was over run with utility trucks.

    Lets remember the incumbents this week.

    Remember whose watch saw the greatest increase in the food stamp program EVER.

    But having said all that:

    Nobody puts baby in a binder!!

  5. Anonymous

    I saw one of those flatbed trucks loaded with poles heading South on Sound Beach Ave below the village around noon today.