Hit her over the head with an empty chair

I’m all yours, Barry – whip me, beat me, do with me as you will!

Linda McMahon, “Republican” candidate for senate, has done everything she possibly can to deny that she’s actually a Republican, including a refusal to appear with Paul Ryan and even going so far as to urge Connecticutcans to vote for Obama. So why, then, should we vote for her? It would be nice, of course, to take back the Senate, because such a coup would affect everything from EPA regulations to Supreme Court nominations, and McMahon’s opponent is such a limp, unaccomplished dishrag that there’s an excellent chance Connecticut could fall into the Republican column, but what’s the point if we’re just returning a slightly thinner, more masculine Lowell Weicker to Washington?

I’ll sit this one out.


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15 responses to “Hit her over the head with an empty chair

  1. Inagua

    The reason to vote for Linda McMahon is simple, to increase the chances of removing Harry Reid as Senate Majority Leader.

    Staying in the stands on Harry Reid is a missed opportunity to support improvement, however slight.

    • To support someone like McMahon is to make the same mistake we always make, assuming that anyone’s better than the current occupants. That’s brought us Republican misrule over the decades and it’s long past time we stop doing that. If McMahon wants to run as a liberal, let her rejoin her fellow Democrats; she shouldn’t count on my vote.
      Besides, Harry’s pretty good entertainment.

  2. Inagua

    Many Republicans have been great disappointments, but that is no reason to do nothing while even worse Democrats continue ascendant. Those of us who regret the growth of the entitlement state should take every opportunity to retard its expansion. And the possibility of removing Harry Reid, who is not good entertainment, but a good statist, should not be wasted.

    A lot is riding on this election. If ObamaCare survives, we will become a full blown European welfare state, complete with European levels of growth, employment, and living standards.

  3. ML

    Chris, that is so weak. Grow some b@lls and do some homework and make a decision. Sitting out is unacceptable as an American.

  4. Cos Cobber

    CF, Linda remains a better choice than career politician Chris Murphy who never had a meaningful private career and his dubious achievement so far as a one term congressman is to miss 80% of his economic committee hearings. Oh, and he seems to have a problems making good on his on personal financial commitments which makes him overly qualified to be a borrow and spend rubber stamp for Heid Reid.

    Linda is smart to position herself along the lines of Scott Brown. Lets get real here, this is a heavily leaning democratic state and to win the middle you need to appeal to the middle. I am not at all worried that she is Lowell Weicker in drag or Olympia Snow reincarnate.

  5. Atticus

    Dems pretend to moderate or conservative all the time and then vote lockstep w/ the radical left leaders. Murphy can be counted on be one of those.

    McMahon may be doing similar on the opposite end. She certainly cannot be worse, at least she could put the GOP in control.

    • The trouble I have with McMahon is that by disassociating herself from Paul Ryan she’s shown that she’ll abandon her avowed principles in order to get elected. If she becomes a Connecticut senator she’ll do the same thing for the next six years, always casting her vote with an eye to not angering Connecticut liberals. We already have enough unprincipled legislators, so whether Murphy of McMahon joins Blumenthal down in Washington, we’ll still have two Democrat whores representing us.

  6. anonymous

    To paraphrase the old Weicker campaign slogan, “Nobody’s Mc-Mahon but yours.”

  7. Anonymous

    If you are leaning towards voting democrat, stay home. I do not wish to be turned into a slave state and country. Obama and his followers hope to finish destroying the country in the next four years!

  8. AJ

    Some music for your caption.

  9. Atticus

    When Reagan came in 1980 turning the Senate gave him a giant mandate despite what the media said. And he governed like he had a mandate.

    If the Dems retain the Senate then Romney can forget about any reforms to Obamanism – the Dems will claim the mandate. It will be more like Nixon in 1968. Nixon governed left.

  10. The Duke of Deception

    Why doesn’t Murphy run that footage of Linda kicking a steroid juiced wrestler in the huevos? Blumenthal, the Marine hero and swimming champion, did. One of the great political ads.

    Murphy is a turd, but The Duke would be ashamed to be from the Nutmeg State with LM. Jesse Ventura anyone?

    The Duke doesn’t even know who the Libertarian senate candidate is but will vote for him/her. While casting a meaningless vote for Romney too, of course.

  11. Mr. 85 Broad Street

    You should have used a picture of the other lady wrestler who is half shown in your shot. Her name is much more applicable to the topic at hand – The Fabulous Moolah.

  12. Inagua

    Duke – Why cast a “meaningless” vote for Romney, when you can cast a principled vote for Gary Johnson?

  13. The Duke of Deception

    Inagua — did that this morning in beautiful Stonington.