I blame Adam Smith

(7:00) no line at the gas station corner of Railroad Avenue.


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10 responses to “I blame Adam Smith

  1. InfoDiva

    The most expensive gas station in the United States, bar none.

  2. what is your email address……

  3. AJ

    I blame Obama. You probably missed this one. Kind of makes you want to get up and wave a flag.

    ‘Another Obama Executive Order Allows Seizure of Americans’ Bank Accounts’

    “The latest executive order (EO) emanating from the White House October 9 now claims the power to freeze all bank accounts and stop any related financial transactions that a “sanctioned person” may own or try to perform — all in the name of “Iran Sanctions.”

    Titled an “Executive Order from the President regarding Authorizing the Implementation of Certain Sanctions…” the order says that if an individual is declared by the president, the secretary of state, or the secretary of the treasury to be a “sanctioned person,” he (or she) will be unable to obtain access to his accounts, will be unable to process any loans (or make them), or move them to any other financial institution inside or outside the United States. In other words, his financial resources will have successfully been completely frozen. The EO expands its authority by making him unable to use any third party such as “a partnership, association, trust, joint venture, corporation, subgroup or other organization” that might wish to help him or allow him to obtain access to his funds…”


  4. Anonymous

    Line there this morning.

  5. CF,
    I think that the Town should require local gas stations to only sell gas to Greenwich Beach Card holders.

    • Hah! I was thinking just that yesterday. Can you imagine the national press frenzy if we announced that? It’d be worth doing even at the expense of clogging our streets with news vans from every crapola TV station in the country. Where’s Tesei when we need him?

  6. CatoRenasci

    Yes! Even better, require the car to have a current beach sticker!

  7. OG Reader

    Our diesel powered car caused quite a stir when we pulled into a station just off 95 this morning and begin pumping while the gasoline pumps sat dry. The circling drivers had real anxiety about running out of gas; they descended on us from every side asking how we were able to obtain fuel. We hope, for the sake of sanity that order is restored soon.

  8. If you’re still having problems finding gas in Greenwich get on 287 to White Plains, and get off at exit 7. It’s now called the Cross Westchester Parkway or something similar. It parallels 287 for about a half a mile then veers off to the right and puts you on North Broadway in North White Plains. There a 5 gas stations within a half mile stretch, all of which had gas this morning and no lines.

    The whole area was without power until yesterday, so all of that gas just sat in the ground since last Monday night.