It’s probably as good as any other prognostication

See ya, sucker

Romney’s got it in the bag. Redskins lose to Panthers and 17 times out of the past 18 elections, when the Redskins lost their last game before the country headed to the polls, the incumbent lost. I’m already planning my NFL-approved victory dance in front of Greenwich Communist headquarters Tuesday night.


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13 responses to “It’s probably as good as any other prognostication

  1. Anonymous

    AGREED! I had not seen the points or predictions but – given the strong play by Skins/RG III until now and the dismal season for Panthers – it’s got to be fate!

    by the way, this is my first general election since moving from city two years ago…do you know where I can get a Romney sign for the yard? i donated online montgs ago but looked into it. since, I scoured town and Internet looking for GOP office here and the one I found is in Riverside and seemed to be solely ‘Linda HQ’. Thanks, in advance.

  2. Inagua

    How’s this for a prognostication? If Obama and Harry Reid are not stopped, we will have a higher taxes, more regulation, less drilling, more green energy boondoggles, more rent seeking, very slow growth, less employment, and a lower standard of living, all topped off with a bout of inflation down the road.


    The authoritative barometer trusted by Greenwichites for generations is that if Walt awakes on Election Day with a boner, the new President with be a Republican. Apparently in ’08 Walt failed to wake up at all until Thursday.

  4. Inagua

    Voting for McMahon increases, however slightly, the chances of removing Harry Reid as Majority Leader. It is not much, but it is better than not voting at all, which is a total surrender to the continued rapid growth of the Entitlement State.

  5. I’m nervously pacing abt the election tomorrow. Some say that it’ll not end Tuesday because states too close to call will go on for days, counting chads. I am sure David Boies is on Obama’s speed dial!!

    Still no power and am abt to run out of propane. Cell service sucks. But color me grateful, always. My comment to your post @ gratitide didn’t make the cut so I’ll repeat here and echo others: most excellent commentary!!

    Who has TV and wants company tomorrow night to watch results? I’ll bring wine and popcorn. Caveat: you must be rooting for Romney.

    • Never would I cut one of your comments EOS- don’t know what happened to it but I’ll look.sorry to hear that your powers still out- north country must have really been hammered!

  6. FF

    Chris – you know fully well I dont have a garage. They are all in the back of Chris von Keyserling’s van

  7. Fred2

    “I’m already planning my NFL-approved victory dance in front of Greenwich Communist headquarters Tuesday night.”

    That’s not the one where you dance around naked, waving the AK-47 over your head, while leaping through the bonfire of lawn signs, is it?

    Because if it is:

    Walt, BE THERE with a CAMERA! There are some things meant to be immortalized on You Tube.

  8. Anonymous

    mrs EOS – I would suggest you go to a Republican headquarters located nearby. They should be up and watching there all night. Should be something in Greenwich. The McMahon headquarters should be all encompassing.
    C.Fountain perhaps knows where things are happening tomorrow night and can post for you and whomever else interested.

    • The day C.Fountain knows what’s happening, about anything, will be the day the world ends. I suggest we pick up some propane canisters and show up at EOS’s place where we can fire her generator back up and watch election results from under the branches of the tree in her living room.

  9. Thanks for the offer, but minor detail to coming here with canisters; even if propane is refilled (and at this hour, it is not and gen is sputtering), Cablevision won’t be back up until power is restored on street. Only 46% of this part of Bedford is restored. We DID as a consolation prize, get ATT cell service back and my friend and fellow blogger Lonely Conservative promised to tweet as the results come in. I said to my mother today that after 8 days with no make-up or hair care, I fear if I show up at the polls tomorrow looking like I do now, someone will escort me out the door, suggesting I need to be a legal citizen to cast a ballot. The natural look may suit Walt’s Stephanie – on me, well……not so much!
    Happy voting everyone – and thanks to so many of you who emailed me with offers to stay and watch TV with you! XO