Okay, you’ve bought your chainsaw, but do you have a peavey?

Invented by Jos. Peavey around 1850, the peavey grips a log and gives you amazing leverage while trying to cut or move it. I used one – still have it, in fact – when I lived in Bangor with Pal Nancy and our then-one-baby-family in an old farmhouse we heated with six (!) cords of wood each winter. That much wood, you buy it in 20′ lengths and buck it, unless you’re being paid more than newly – minted lawyers are, so I had plenty of occasion to wield it. I think they’d be useful down here now for wrestling with fallen trees in driveways and living rooms, but I’ve never seen one for sale in this area. Still available in Maine, I’m sure, if there’s any lumbering business left alive up there.

Here’s a story on the loss and recovery of Paul Bunyan’s own peavey.

UPDATE: And thanks to Google, I learn that they are still made and are still available for purchase – price has gone up since 1981 but then, they last a long time.


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7 responses to “Okay, you’ve bought your chainsaw, but do you have a peavey?

  1. Walt

    How does the President of the United States suggest you vote of revenge? Revenge of what? Your fellow citizens? Our commander in chief supports this? That is truly frightening. More so than your writing.
    I find it ignorant. Abhorible. Racist. Unamerican and offensive. Jackie Chiles Dude!!
    And totally telling as to his lack of character. He has no qualities to lead this nation.
    Your Pal,

  2. GWChase

    Try Pro Landscaping in Stamford, CT. Think it’s Virgil Street, but I’m not sure. Anyway, I was there today and saw one standing in the rack.

  3. anonymous

    Here is Alix Noel Taub having fun at a Greenwich Hospital benefit with her skeevy looking husband. Is she a Peavey?


  4. Anonymous

    And why is Scott Mitchell wearing a prayer shawl in every photo? He, no doubt, thought that wearing it would give him a distinctive look – and it does. Unfortunately (for him) it makes him look like a ridiculous clown.

  5. anonymous

    Scott Mitchell: The Merchant of Greenwich? Oy.

  6. GWChase

    Remember the original Richard – Mr. Schecter? Started selling clothes in a very small store at the top of Greenwich Avenue – moved to “Mid Avenue” – then bought the old A&P at the bottom of the Avenue – he built that business and was a real gentleman – no prayer shawls for him!