Tod’s Point is okay (if still closed to citizens)

Received this from Chris Franco, head of GPC:

Hi Chris – I thought you might like a few post-Sandy photos of the Greenwich Point Conservancy’s projects at Greenwich Point for your blog.

These were taken for the GPC (I am President of the group).  The photos look bad, but actually we were quite lucky – the Innis Arden Cottage had very minimal interior impact (the recent renovation proved very “tight”), and the exterior was damaged but it is all repairable and straight-forward to execute.
Our next project – the “Old Barn” (the north concession) – took quite a beating, but ironically the sections that were lost were scheduled for demolition in our coming restoration of that 125 year old structure. And the area to the rear that experienced the serious erosion was going to be partially excavated for the new deck in that spot.  The original stone walls will be repaired as well.
All in all, it could have been much worse. We are very fortunate that both of these historic buildings at the Point (Cottage built in 1903 and Old Barn in 1887), which are sited on one of the most exposed locations on the Connecticut shoreline, continue to stand strong.

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  1. riverside native

    Does anyone know how far the water came up on the flood measurment pole next to the Lengends Map?