Will he be dropped in by one of those UN black helicopters?

All your vote are belong to us

Self-anointed Black Panther head King Samir Shabazz hints that he’ll join other UN observers in poll watching tomorrow but unlike 2008, he and his gang will leave their batons at home. “This is democracy in action,” crowed retired UN poll watcher Jimmy Carter. “King Shabaz is relieving us of the White Man’s burden and together with our new world government, will ensure that all persons of color enjoy their right to vote early and often. God bless the king.”


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2 responses to “Will he be dropped in by one of those UN black helicopters?

  1. Walt

    Here is who I think we should vote for and why.

    Senate – Linda. She is a woman, and then we can claim to support all this woman’s lib crap. I only regret she isn’t black, so we could have had a double win. Plus she knows Hulk Hogan.

    President of Greenwich – is Francis running? He hasn’t done dick to restore my power, but I will toss him my vote. More than one if he has the cash. I will expect a break in my mill rate in return. He can increase the rate on the unwashed in Cos Cob.

    Congress – they have a 10% approval rating. 10%!!! A one legged stripper tops that. Vote out the incumbent and send them all a message.

    President – we need to support Mittens. Because he is competent and not because he is white. Suck it Barry.

    Village Idiot – you are running unapposed but I hear you still may lose. But you have my unwavering support.

    Your Pal,

  2. Cos Cobber

    Does Andrew Roraback promise to bring the ban on big gulps to Washington, why else for Bloomy put money behind this seemingly obscure Republican candidate?