AHA! Real estate transactions trickle in

25 Sherwood

Three sales of note, including 25 Sherwood Avenue which sold for $11 million. That sounds like a lot and it is, but it sold in 2009 for $18.9 million, so that must hurt.

And up in Conyers Farm, 25 Hurlingham Drive sold for $4.7 million. 13 acres and a house. Much of those 13 acres are woods and wetlands and readers here didn’t seem to care for the house but my oh my, $4.7 seems pretty cheap to me.

On a brighter note, at least for sellers, 108 Sheephill Road, a quarter acre in an area not usually considered as prestigious as Conyers Farm, sold in a bidding war for $585,000 on an asking price of $547,000. This scrap of land sat unwanted for 335 days and then two or more buyers seem to have shown up simultaneously. Buyers tend not to believe it when this happens but it does, and more frequently than you might think. Your agent’s not shucking you.

There were seven accepted offers reported while the lights were out but they ranged from $534,000 ask to $1.995 and none are of particular interest to me (the buyers’ opinion will differ), so they don’t make the cut. (I do know of one accepted offer in the $4 million range that’s gone to executed contract and is of interest, to me, but the listing broker hasn’t reported it yet – more on that later, maybe.)

29 Ridge: quick change artist?

29 Ridge Street, on the other hand, does catch my eye. Sellers paid $1.280 million for it less than a month ago and now have relisted it for $1.650 after, they say, a “renovation”. I haven’t seen the place yet and perhaps the plumbing’s been replaced with gold fixtures and a Maybach’s been deposited in the garage (if it has a garage), but just getting a building permit takes longer than 30 days, so I’m curious to see what’s been done here.


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8 responses to “AHA! Real estate transactions trickle in

  1. G'wich Transplant

    What do you think 2 Parsonage closes for? My guess: $3.45M. Mid-country still seems DEAD to me…

  2. dogwalker

    Re: 29 Ridge – There have been people doing something there. A couple of vans and other vehicles have been in front just about every morning since it sold . . . unlabelled vans. And no dumpster that one might expect were plumbing or other serious renovations taking place. They did redo the front lawn. Is that worth $400,000 these days? There is a garage; it’s the best feature, IMHO.

  3. Anonymous

    A renovation to justify a $400k price increase most certainly would require a dumpster I would think.

  4. dogwalker

    Tonight I’ll sneak a peek in the garage. I think I would have heard some neighborhood scuttlebutt about a Maybach, but who knows; there has been a Bentley on the street for a couple of years now; maybe everybody has gotten blase.

    There hasn’t been a building permit visible either, FWIW.

  5. dogwalker

    Come to think of it . . . whenever I did see any kind of activity, it did seem to be in or right outside the garage . . . except for the guys sitting in their vehicles in the morning.

  6. Hu Nhu?

    Central air installed, some new painting inside, resurfaced driveway. That’s about it. New price is a joke.