Counter intuitive, but there you have it: plenty of gas in New York

No thank you!

I’m showing houses later today and wanted to fill my tank. Greenwich is still impossible but yesterday Westchester reader Richard posted that there are gas stations up and down N Broadway in White Plains with lots of gas and no lines.
Seems crazy to head into New York to buy gas when all of NYC is clogging Greenwich to do the same thing but that’s the case. 40 cents more a gallon but would I pay six bucks extra to avoid forty-five minutes in line, fuming (pun intended) at how unnecessary it was? I would and I just did. Avoiding irritation is the key to low blood pressure and while acceptance of things we cannot change is all well and good, the courage, or in this instance, the information, to change the things we can is  part of the same equation.
287 to Exit 7, 3/4 mile to North Broadway, continue straight 1/4 mile.
A landscaper I spoke to told me he works in S. Salem where there are also no lines, if that’s closer to where you live.
Again, if you can drive 10 minutes to find supply, there is no supply crisis. Panic, yes; supply, no
Thanks, Richard.


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16 responses to “Counter intuitive, but there you have it: plenty of gas in New York

  1. ajnock

    There were virtually no lines at the two stations in Glenville but I realize that is outside your geographic comfort zone.

  2. Anon

    Peabody Auto on Church St in central Greenwich. No lines yesterday, AND they pump it for you. I think it was $4.29 for regular.

    • Two-car-line at Gulf station on Theodore Fremd Avenue in Rye – $4.09 and also full service. Wasn’t open when I set out this morning so I continued to N. Broadway, but it’s open now.

  3. anonymous

    One of the stations in Glenville was charging at least 50 cents per gallon more then the stations on the Post Rd.

  4. Anon

    What is the going rate for regular in Greenwich these days?? I have no idea since I haven’t gotten close to a Post Road gas station in more than a week!

    • It was $3.99 at the Old Oil City (now Shell) near the Hyatt last time I looked, maybe $4.09 most other places, but I haven’t been able to see past the lines the past few days to check.

  5. anonymous

    4.29 cash/4.39 credit for regular unleaded at Mobil on Post Rd/Weaver St.

  6. I’m glad I could help Chris, and even gladder that the situation was still favorable once you got there. Just out of curiosity, which station did you fill up at? I usually hit the Valero, just because it’s cheap and on the right side of the street as I go home.

    • I did use Valero, Richard because it was the first one I encountered heading north. A bonus was that there’s a Dunkin Donuts across the street so I got refueled and recafeinated in one stop!
      Thanks again

  7. Jane

    Go to Glenville Shell on Glenville Road. Anthony, a true, honest grease monkey runs the place. Knows cars. Great body shop and courteous staff trying to keep things moving. And, honestly, if you need gas you need gas.

  8. D

    I waited for 5 mins at the gas station on high ridge rd north of the merrit on Sunday. CT lines are seriously just idiot nyers – 2 guys from long island pulled up behind me.

  9. anonymous

    The Mobil on the Merritt near King St southbound had no wait. The northbound side had a huge line. Guess they can’t figure out to get off at the next exit and turn around!

  10. Pete

    I agree with Jane about Glenville Shell. I’ve been going there for about 30 years. Great mechanics and honest.

  11. uwgb

    I must chime in about Anthony and his fabulous crew at Glenville Shell! They are a dream team.