Greenwich Association of Realtors remains closed

If you happen to be wondering about, you know, real estate news, there’s none being reported and there hasn’t been since the storm arrived last week (did you hear we had a storm last week? Really – it was pretty immersive). That’s not to say there isn’t activity, with offers made and accepted and even some sales, it’s just that we won’t know about them until the board reopens. Perhaps tomorrow.


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2 responses to “Greenwich Association of Realtors remains closed

  1. Red placards for Greenwich flood victims

    Temperature dropping and snow coming!!
    No electric now can mean frozen pipes
    Things are going from worst to disastrous
    Some flood victims had power shut off by Town inspectors
    Have you seen those red placards on flooded houses?

  2. It’s closed. So, what’s the problem, exactly?

    : ]