Talk about a home owner being underwater


Kitchen waterfront?

20 East Point Lane, a rental listing on the way to Tod’s Point, has been taken off the market temporarily, presumably to give the pumps time to do their magic. I understand the losses suffered by homeowners down there and I feel for them, but this description seems ironically apt: “Fall asleep to the surf and under the stars…”. Ow.


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  1. Earth Image

    I received an email from an official Town source confirming my claim for Town policy that the flood levels in OG were 2.3 ft below the FEMA design flood used for flood insurance rating purposes.

    This confirms that Greenwich has not seen a true hurricane or anything close to a 100 year event since 1938 at least.

    There is an inaccurate story, repeated by the Conservation Director, that Sandy equaled the 1938 hurricane flooding. This is an error. Army Corps documents say 1938 was at least 2.5 ft higher than Sandy.

  2. Westchesterer

    Romney is running away with Florida. Look at Pasco county.

    68% of Registered Republicans have voted.
    61% of Registered Democrats have voted.

    If these turnouts hold up for the rest of the country this is going to be a landslide.

    McCain won Pasco by 8,000 votes.
    16,000 more Republicans have voted in Pasco than Democrats so far, including absentee, early voting, and today.

    Here’s the early figures:

  3. Westchesterer

    Oops. Congratulations to President Obama.

    Romney should have picked Rubio.

  4. You are truly the blogosphere’s master of the sardonic post.