Goodbye mortgage debt?

If you owe under $150,000, say goodbye to debt and say thank you, Massa Obama. That’s the prediction of hedge fund guy / prognosticator Bruce Krasting, and I see no reason to doubt his logic or reasoning. Obama and his crowd want to take back the House in 2014, obviously, and as long as the printing press is powered up and financing the budget anyway, why not zip off a few hundred billion more and buy more voters? Those same presses can, and will, eliminate the trillion-dollar state pension crisis too, and then sweetness and light will grace our country from sea to shining sea. Magic: ain’t it grand?

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  1. AJ

    So take out a hundred and fifty thousand loan and don’t worry about it. You could buy a nice car for a hundred and fifty grand.

    Here you go:
    And have not to worry about all the dramas of the day — now that Barack is back.