If you think we have it bad in Greenwich …

Okay, now you can have your permit

A friend of mine in Rye tells me that her town has one of those “protect the trees” ordinances which has resulted in homeowners electing to leave their dead and dying trees stand, until they topple on cars, houses and streets, rather than wade through the bureaucratic labyrinth involved in gaining permission to take it down.

No matter how bad things are there’s always a way to make them worse, something to remember as the tree huggers in Greenwich, the same people who brought us FAR and lot coverage restrictions, seek to duplicate here what the poor citizens of Rye already have.


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27 responses to “If you think we have it bad in Greenwich …

  1. City slicker tree huggers
    Protect property rights muggers
    So they can manipulate
    And enrich their fate

  2. Walt

    Dude –
    “A friend of mine in Rye tells me that her town has….”?

    You have a little honey pot in Rye going on? You dog. I noticed Ms. McBeal hasn’t been sniffing around here recently, so I figured you two may have parted ways, and given up your lust filled, wife swapping orgies in Greenwich. Why I don’t know. But I would love to hear the details. You know I am perceptive on stuff like this.

    Anyhows, do you find the Rye Milfs more fun than the Greenwich Milfs? I could see that. They probably like Playland, and riding the Dragon Coaster, and then giving a BJ in the parking lot. What tops that? Nothing as far as I can tell!!

    Whereas as Greenwich Milf wants to meet you at the J, feed her $15 dollar drinks all night, make stupid chit chat, ask you do you know so and so, and then MAYBE give you a BJ in some skeevy gas station.

    Is that about right? I THINK SO!!
    Good for you! You pervet.
    Your Pal,

  3. Inagua

    Walt has settled his big lawsuit. He gets to keep the bulk of his Madoff fees.


  4. Anonymous

    So reap what you’ve sown, Rye guys, and don’t expect any sympathy or help cleaning up your messes.

  5. Riverside

    Inagua – so you think that $50M will not really hurt Noel et al?

  6. Inagua

    Riverside – Walt and his partners paid themselves over $900 million for feeding investor money to Madoff while not understanding anything about Madoff’s business and lying to investors about doing due diligence. Getting to keep over 90% of this stolen money is a very, very good deal for Walt.

    • I once represented a thief who evaded $600,000 in state fuel taxes by buying from the Mafia, taking middle-of-the-night shipments to avoid inspectors etc. through some amazing lawyering, if I say so myself, I got him off with a $60,000 civil penalty and no criminal charges. He was outraged at having to pay anything, even ten cents on the dollar of what he’d pocketed.. Psychopaths are like that.

  7. Anonymous

    How do we get rid of Walt? His posts are so bad and unfunny I don’t even read them. He’s a nuissance, can you block him?

  8. Anonymous

    am surprised by now none of those investors whose security guy might know a guy who knows a guy who used to work with a guy overseas didn’t take noel, err, fishing.

    • I always figured it would be the Colombian drug lords, ripped off by son in law Andre, who’d get him. I wonder if some private agreement was reached with those gentlemen?

  9. Anonymous

    I like Walt. Thank you for letting him stay!

    • Thank you for letting him stay? How can I get rid of him? I understand that, hard as it is to believe, for some readers Walt is an acquired taste. Personally, I think he adds an element to this blog I could never supply myself, and I’m glad of it. Within certain limits.

  10. hmmm

    maybe you should block anon at 809…

    the attitude seems like suppression and oppression we know who he/she voted for

  11. dogwalker

    Block Walt? Perish the thought! And bear in mind I say this even after he recently called me a useless turd. And I think that was the NICE thing he said about me.

  12. another stb 4 me

    Thanks for keeping Walt … he’s as you say elemental

  13. Anonymous

    noel/madoff ripped off both israeli and middle eastern (muslim) $, en masse.

    if that ain’t irony, what is?

    too bad either country can’t find a way to press for extradition.

  14. Anonymous

    Was this car in Rye or a random picture??
    Keep Walt, love ya both!

  15. Westchesterer

    Here you need to get a permit to cut a tree with a diameter of 8 or more inches. The code stipulates (6) legitimate reasons that a permit will be granted. Shrubs are protected too. In our code there’s even a provision called “historical tree” that’s of benefit to the community.

    Yep. Coming to a town near you.

  16. Anonymous

    Walt is the f-bomb. He calls it how he sees it. Mitt would have won if he’d had Walt working on his camapaign strategy. Oh, if you ban Walt might as well ban all freedom of expression, George Carlin, hot sex along with everything else that you may be personally opposed to. Walt makes fwiw fun and funny and he is usually spot on, polite to cf, and does not censor or temper his views. This is also considered the basis and premise for most comedy. So boo-hoo. Go Wally Walt Walt.

  17. Walt

    Dude –
    Well thank you. And the reader as well. That was very kind and I sincerely appreciate it.
    You say I bring something to this blog that you don’t? What is that, pray tell? Sophistication? Charm? A sense of humor? All the above?

    You frigging loser.
    Your Pal,

  18. armonk

    I think you can cut any tree you want now with no permit. Cut, cut, cut.

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  20. barnor

    Here in RI (not Rye, the city) you can’t cut down trees planted at the curbside many years ago by the city. You have to ask the town arborist to inspect them, then decide if the city should take them down. We called the arborist to inspect three huge maples twenty feet from our house and he agreed one had to be removed, which the city did. But the other two were losing limbs (one fell on our car) and in July 2011 we asked the city to again inspect the trees. They said they would arrange another look-see but on August 28 Hurrican Irene dropped both trees, one on our house, the other on the garage. Naturally, the city refused to remove them or allow any claim against the city for damages. Luckily, our insurance picked up the five thousand dollar tab but, had the trees only fallen in our yard without hitting an insured object, would only have paid five hundred a tree.