Oh, goody

(11:35 am). Up in Norwalk: snow (flurries) wind and thunder. Takes the mind off election results, I suppose.
Pretty good crowd at Hiller Sports / guns. Obama continues to be the nation’s number one gun salesman.


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3 responses to “Oh, goody

  1. False Prophet

    I am leaning toward labeling this blog the land of a False Prophet.You have predicted the demise of Ms. Warren and she won in Massachusetts,ha ha on you. She was a great candidate and all you did was make fun of her.You have crapped on Obama and he has come out like a rose and you are the thorn. You berate Noel and family and they have risen above the multiple challenges successfully since he knew nothing of Madoff and you falsely think he did. You mock the venerable GAR but they help keep Greenwich selling million dollar homes which you too benefit from. I am tuning in to the blog here because you keep standing on the wrong side of every fence that I can see you building. Are you predicting the end of the world in 2012 too?

  2. Walt

    Walt –
    Your Pal,