One sale, one contract

14 Hope Farm

14 Hope Farm Road closed for $3,487,500. That’s a lot of house for the money, says I. Sellers paid $3.550 for it in 2009 so they did far better than the person they bought it from then, who had paid $4,272,500 in 2004.

17 Welwyn

17 Welwyn in Riverside asking $4.195 has a contract just a few weeks after hitting the market. Custom built, nice touches, but I’ll bet that generator in the back was the clincher.


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4 responses to “One sale, one contract

  1. Out Looking In

    Hope Farm was a lotta good house. If you got rid of 3/4 of the land and plopped it in OG, sellers would have gotten $4mm…

    • And just imagine if its 4 acres were retained and it were plopped down on Times Square! : ) In fact, I’ve always thought that someone really, really rich who wanted to show the world exactly how rich he was should buy a skyscraper in MYC, tear it down and erect a nice little Cape, complete with white picket fence. Cool,huh?

  2. The really rich

    That would be conspicuous consumption.
    How about No cape, just a picket fenced yard?
    If your really rich, how about letting the public walk around the yard?
    If your really, really rich, name it anonymous and smile inwardly.

  3. Out Looking In

    Of course, you could also plop in “Santa with Butt Plug” just to flip everyone off and demonstrate your incredibly exquisite taste in fine art!