Party of the rich

Fat cat and proud of it

8 out of 10 of America’s wealthiest counties went for Obama. Republicans represent the middle class, which is why they’re so despised by the elite. Po’ folk might wonder why, exactly rich people feel so beneficent towards them; might be charitable impulse, might be there’s something in it for them. Perhaps po’folk are less cynical than this writer, which could explain why they’re poor.


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12 responses to “Party of the rich

  1. Westchesterer

    The guy a couple blocks down has had his house on the market for almost a year, with a crooked sign. I was browsing the mls today and saw that the listing had expired. Then in the description it said: TAXES REDUCED: NEXT YEAR TAXES 24,500.

    24,500$ for a 750,000$ house? What the bleep is wrong with these people? When are they going to vote these idiots out of office? Probably never. Last year the budget passed 60-40, which obviously was an increase in spending.

    Then i scrolled down to estimated tax. The poor chap was paying 30,000$ in taxes on a 750,000$ house. $30,000 taxes. That’s more than 4%.

    Westchester is filled with nanny state drones. There’s no surprise they voted for bigger government and higher taxes yesterday.

    The good:

    2008: 63.4 O – 35.8 M
    2012: 60 O – 38 R

    Change: -5.6% O

  2. smf

    Again, I’m not rich enough to be a Democrat!!

  3. Anonymous

    In marketing, we call it messaging to the masses. The media machine has done an incredible job messaging that the republican party is the party of the rich and don’t give a damn about the middle class. However, 8 out of 10 of America’s wealthiest counties went for Obama. What does that tell you. They also tell you that the republican party is angry white guys. Almost 40% of whites went with Obama. BTW, more than 90% of blacks went with Obama. Why?

  4. Anonymous

    This says it all…the better edcuated made the edcuated decision…
    What was the last grade of school you completed?
    Total Obama Romney
    No high school diploma 3% 64% 35%
    High school graduate 21% 51% 48%
    Some college/assoc. degree 29% 49% 48%
    College graduate 29% 47% 51%
    Sample: 25466 respondents

    • Well if there’s a correlation between higher education and wealth, I guess we know who the party of the rich is. Although I’d attribute the difference to exposure of college students to proto-socialist professors: it takes a rare, independent mind to resist the barrage of propaganda spewed from the firehose of political correctness that’s so prevalent in our schools (the fact that the entire faculty and staff at Princeton voted for Obama, for instance, says more about the intolerance of dissent in hiring than the particular intelligence of the faculty there). Judging from the sheeple who were my classmates and the barf I hear spewed from young, mush-minded college students today, there’s very little independent thinking going on, or even allowed, in our colleges.

  5. hmmm

    beccause they are angry black people and need anyone to blame but themselves? people of all types have made it in this country except them…why?

  6. Anonymous

    @Anonymous 9:27, thanks for the map. It makes me sick how “little” of the country Obama won compared to Romney, but he won the population centers and therefore the electoral college votes. Sad.

  7. Rick

    Remove Bridgeport from the mix and what would the results have looked like?

    Granted Stamford went blue but I’ll bet the remainder of the county was very red.

  8. armonk

    Romney won every county in Wyoming except the richest county, Teton, which includes ultra wealthy Jackson Hole.

  9. DollarBill

    Why should we remove Bridgeport from the mix, Rick? Do those voters not count? What if we removed the results from Greenwich? What would that have proved?