Rush Limbaugh on the election

You can’t beat Santa Claus. I don’t listen to talk radio but perhaps I should during the next four years in the wilderness. On the other hand, Limbaugh reaches the same doomed, gloomy conclusion I do, and who needs someone seconding my darkest thoughts?

“One of the greatest misunderstandings in this country, if you boil all this down, is what creates prosperity. The Romney campaign was essentially about that, and the Romney campaign was devoted to the traditional American view and history — vision, as well — of what creates prosperity. The old capitalism, the old arguments of hard work, stick-to-itiveness, self-reliance, charity, helping out in the community.

All of these things that define the traditional institutions that made this country great, that’s what the Romney campaign was about. It was rejected. That way, or that route to prosperity was sneered at. That route to prosperity was rejected. The people who voted for Obama don’t believe in it. They don’t think it’s possible. They think the game’s rigged. They think the deck is stacked against them.

They think that the only way they’re gonna have a chance for anything is if somebody comes along and takes from somebody else and gives it to them. Santa Claus! And it’s hard to beat Santa Claus. Especially it’s hard to beat Santa Claus when the alternative is, “You be your own Santa Claus.” “Oh, no! I’m not doing that. What do you mean, I have to be my own Santa Claus? No, no. No, no, no. I want to get up every day and go to the tree. You’re the elves,” meaning us.”


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21 responses to “Rush Limbaugh on the election

  1. Al Dente

    Obama’s victory was the best thing to happen to Rush and the other right wing talkers. Four more years of kvetching about the bed-wetting commie pinkos! Sponsors are signing up for extended contracts.

    Personally I have vowed to wean myself from the Marconian madness and listen to classical music. Ahh, Bach!.

  2. fred

    Actually, that all sounds good. And probably would have had a fighting chance against the Dems.

    It is just hard to hear that message over the hatred of women, sabre rattling and clumsiness about gay marriage.

  3. Anonymous

    It’s very sad, but true!

  4. Walt

    Storm Field –
    Where is the frigging weather report? The roads are actually impassible. Cars spinning out all over the place. Tell the reader to stay off the roads!!
    Your Pal,

    • It does seem to be getting white out there, doesn’t it? I’ll be heading to Greenwich from Rye in an hour or so and I’ll post the results. Unfortunately, having a 4X4 and good tires doesn’t do squat for keeping the roads clear of those who don’t.

  5. Peg

    Count me among those who believe that Republicans lose many elections in large part due to the prehistoric views of some of their cohorts on social issues. Going to keep on losing, too, until they extend their “small government” mantra to personal lives and not just fiscal issues.

    That being said, I’m beginning to feel as if our nation is similar to the addict who cannot give up his drug of choice. In this case, our addiction is spending without responsibility and ignoring the ramifications of this. Sadly, I’ve had a great deal of personal experience with addiction. One thinks that the addict will stop the destructive behavior before all is lost, that he will see how his life is being compromised. And, some do. Others, however, must lose all and find themselves in catastrophically awful shape before they are forced to change.

    I keep on hoping that our country will turn around before we wreck what was once the greatest nation ever. Now, however, I don’t know if we’ll get into recovery before end times….

  6. Anonymous

    What you are all missing here is the medias assist in this election. The incumbant had 8% unemployment (12% if you count those who dropped out), over a trillion in debt, Benghazi cover-up, and a pending fiscal cliff. In no other time would this person get re-elected. The medai aided and abetted this amatuer by moving the election away from one which should have been based primarily on the economy, to one based on women’s reproductive rights, mediscare, and class warfare. The unwashed masses base their decisions on the sound bites they get from the mainstream media and tweets from the popular culture. The republicans will never win another election until they can overcome this disadvantage. The best example of their ignorance of this fact allowing all of the debates to be moderated by MSM liberals.

    For the first time in my life, I am truly worried about the future of this country. I honestly believe that 4 more years of Obama’s socialist agenda will not be able to be undone by future generations. The entitlement train has left the station and is adding cars at an unsustainable rate.

    • No, we didn’t miss the media’s complicity in all this and it’s been pointed out by many commenters on this board. But you’re right: the schools turn out mush-brained products and the media ensures they stay that way. There was indeed a culture war, as many have warned, but we lost.

  7. Georgie

    Anonymous 6:27pm….yes, the media is outright liberal and absoloutely boosts those like minded free spending politicians…just look at the many hit pieces against McMahon compared to Murphy.

    But, in the end, I believe these were self inflicted losses. There are a lot of folks plain scared by the rhetoric of some of these social issue wing nuts. Why would any intelligent, fiscal conscious, middle-class women, Latino, young person, gay—-ever vote for these prehistoric yahoos?

    This a party in need of reform and more inclusive for social freedom types, like me.

  8. It was the Paul vote that won….
    Rob Peter
    Pay Paul
    You’ve got Paul’s vote…..

  9. Balzac

    Conservatives need to:
    1) Stop talking about abortion. Find a way to change the subject. There is a viable Republican political position, short of being a Todd Akin nut. Reagan didn’t let abortion prevent the discussion of his productive policies. He actually wrote a book about abortion, but didn’t let the issue become a distraction from his policies for freedom and prosperity.
    2) Find a way to relate economics to caring for people. The conservatives’ analysis is spot-on: yes the entitlements wreck the budget, free enterprise works, the whole message. But we Republicans tend to present these ideas like a root canal: “This is good for you, but it’s gonna hurt.” We’ll keep losing until our policies sound comforting, and touch people’s emotions.
    3) Overcome the biased and dishonest media. Firstly, go around the old media with new media and secondly, combat the MSM dishonesty directly. Democracy requires accurate information, which is why you should kill your television, and burn your newspaper.

  10. Westchesterer

    The media is irrelevant. An idea is spread from person to person. A lie is dictated. “Everyone deserves a college education” is a lie. The only way people believe it is if it is dictated to them enough and through confirmation bias.

    Think of all these kids who have beliefs about things that are totally irrelevant to their life, they are hypocritical in their actions, and they preach it as if it was gospel in the south. (Ie. Environmental retard that says stop pollution while driving a car). That’s is a dictated idea. It’s not true and it’s destructive to society. It solely exists due to confirmations bias.

    On the other hand, say, the idea that government is corrupt and doesn’t create prosperity is something that is rational. There is no reason for a government to be efficient unless the governments existence is threatened. Further, the government can levy tax and redistribute until (1) the people stop paying or (2) the people get rid of their government. It is only when the governments existence is threatened that it has a motive to be efficiency since it is a monopoly. A private corporation has a pretty good reason to be efficient because if you’re not, you’re out of business and somebody else replaces you. In free market capitalism there exists ample competition which increases efficiency.

    This idea, when people understand it, sits at the core of some ones belief. No amount of confirmation bias, aka peer pressure, can change your opinion. Dictated ideas solely exist due to confirmation bias and their defendants become hostile when questioned of them. They are irrational and they don’t understand what they believe.

  11. Watched Lawrence O’Donnell tonight, and he showed the tape of Rush’s last couple shows, with documentation of how he lied to his listeners about the election. Classic!! Refers to what he said, didn’t say, and what he lied about. He appeals to the low information voter, who will forgive him for anything he says. A must watch if you can find on youtube.

    • When you start watching youtube videos that capture mainstream media types lying on MNBC, NBC, ABC and CBS, then we can talk.
      Nut what are you guys doing still hanging around mulling over the evil folks who voted against your savior? You won! Shouldn’t you be busy getting those EPS regulations ready for promulgation, the tax men sharpening their axes? You have a country to ruin here, fella, and time’s a wastin’.

  12. hmmm

    balz, on the abortion issue reagan would not have succeeded if he were dealing with todays media and the same demographics

    most people make voting decisions based on one issue and it’s usually a made up fictitious issue for distraction purposes only..

    the social conservative movement needs to go, the youth of today are submersed in diversity, which is good and they will not vote with evangelicals and the like.

    the majority of the jewish vote will not vote with the evangelicals, notice they usually vote with democrats and although I believe they live very conservative lives they are not aligned with christian conservative beliefs and this is important because the jewish population votes, they are small in numbers but they all vote.

    who doesn’t vote? 2012 versus 2008:

    2008: BO: 69MM JM: 59MM
    2012: BO: 60MM MR: 57MM

    i suspect it is the individuals that are so far to the right that it would need to be an extreme conservative candidate to get them to vote.

    the gop does a poor job of showing people that it is the party of actually helping people and providing them with a path to success. they are awful at getting out this message.

    the case study is over, the results are in, minorities are no better off today than they were when the dems pretended to be their salvation back in the 60s yet they still get their vote. it appears as though getting heating assistance and food stamps and basic shelter is their idea of success and they continue to vote for their dems reps. i think we need to answer why they set such low goals?

  13. GWChase

    “He gave me an Iphoone – of course I’m voting for him” Enough to make you puke!

  14. Anonymous

    Chris – You say above that schools are turning out “mush-brains” but then you think it’s okay to cut school spending. I just don’t get it. If you want things to get better, then you have to invest in it…..

  15. hmmm

    and as for immigration,

    let them all in give them all social security numbers…get them on the payrolls, have them pay some in taxes and they when they see there is nothing left to send back home they will see the light…or maybe not…

  16. Peg

    “Investing” is different from “spending”

    No kidding, Red Rider. Recently I posted on my blog an amazing statistic: the percentage of administration jobs in public school has increased by over SEVEN HUNDRED PERCENT in recent decades. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to realize that maybe we really do NOT need that many more administrators – and that the cost of all of ’em doesn’t improve education.

    I’ve done various sorts of volunteer work in schools. Currently, America spends something like 3 times in real dollars for an education in contrast to what they did when I was a mushbrain (well, a young mushbrain) – and as far as I’m concerned, the old-time educations were vastly superior. We do need to improve our schools greatly. But, all the money in the world can’t fix what is wrong with them today. We need experiementation and innovation, commitment from students, parents and teachers – and a heavy dose of personal responsibility on the part of everyone tossed in.

    Demanding that students be taught items like math, science, English, history and the like instead of touchy-feely topics wouldn’t hurt, either.

  17. Westchesterer

    The way to fix everything wrong is to get rid of easy government money. Easy money creates bubbles. Education is in a bubble. The teachers don’t care if you’re taxed 3% and home values only appreciate 3%. They’re hold you hostage to their emotional pleas about the children. What about the children??? Let the children get tough and grow thick skin. They don’t need to be worried about.