Shocker! California voters pass tax increase and liberal pundits are amazed

NYT and its carefully selected panel of political “experts” interpret this as a signal that voters want to raise taxes, especially if it’s earmarked for education. Buried in the story is this fact: the new tax will apply only to the rich, defined by our newly-reelected president himself as those earning $250,000 or more.

An electorate voting to raise taxes on someone else? Who’d have ever predicted that?


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16 responses to “Shocker! California voters pass tax increase and liberal pundits are amazed

  1. Westchesterer

    It should no longer be called a tax. It’s theft. No different than a holdup, but this one is by big fat government gangsters who “legally” crafted legislation to decriminalize the theft and wield the whole power of the government to enforce it. Hey, if you could vote yourself to the fruits of someone else’s labor, and you’re encouraged to, you have to be crazy not to. Your labor is my labor.

  2. smf

    “Rich” in California couldn’t possibly be $250k. I can’t even buy a single family home here (San Francisco) for that amount of annual income. Pelosi and Feinstein are very very wealthy women with wealthy husbands. They are completely out of touch with their constituents, everywhere, and reality. So is Obama for that matter. He makes millions a year and his earning power post 2016 is huge. I always say: I’m not rich enough to be a Democrat! And I don’t want to be poor and take handouts. I work for what I have.

  3. Cos Cobber

    Stop posting stories like this. FF will just forward them to Malloy as democratic party porn.

  4. Anonymous

    Government officials lie awake nights thinking up ways to tax private wealth into their coffers so they can spend it as they wish. Patronage, patronage, patronage. It has always been so. The old “Don’t tax you, don’t tax me, tax that guy behind the tree” is a very compelling and effective line.

  5. Anonymous

    Prop. 30 was losing until SF county reported (which pushed it close to 50%) and then LA county reported and shoved it over the top. Worse, it looks as though the Dems. now control all three branches of the state government. Oy.

  6. Anonymous

    California is in deep trouble, as I’m sure you well-educated people know. If they didn’t raise taxes, the school year would have been shortened by 3 weeks. California students are already behind. Give a little and get a lot. You Republicans may want to think about that. If you live in Greenwich and are reading this blog, chances are you have a few dollars to spare. Try to think about others and not just yourselves!

    • If it’s all the same to you, I’d rather tax people like you, who make up in numbers what you lack in individual fortunes- there are more of you and as your comment demonstrates, you have a deep desire to think more of others than yourself. Government’s all about giving the people what they want.

  7. Anonymous

    You have NO idea what my individual fortune is – but that is a typical, close-minded comment that I would expect from you. I have plenty to be happy and if I give a bit to my community, that makes it even better for me. Maybe I’m selfish, not generous!

  8. hmmm

    anon at 838,

    how many millionaires to you suppose will tolerate prop 30? remember very wealthy people can move middle class folks are not as mobile. cf is right there are a lot more middle class than wealthy ultimately the burden is placed on the middle class as there are not enough wealthy people to steal from. becareful what you wish for…

    the govt is like that dude that robbed banks…they go after the middle class cause that’s where the money is…and it is…

  9. Anonymous

    Let’s see, a well-funded union propaganda campaign convinces 55% of the retards in California to raise taxes on the top 3.3%.

    California spends more per pupil on education than almost any other state and has worse results than almost every other state.

    California is a lost cause which can’t be fixed. Let it collapse, then see what is rebuilt from the ruins.

  10. Anonymous

    thanks to prop 30, incline village values just went up.

  11. Anonymous

    Please answer this for me….WHY are you so opposed to giving a little more?

    • Well who will be doing the deciding on what precise amount is “a little more”, under what principle are “they” extracting it by force of arms, to what purpose will it be put, and are the people doing the deciding also among the givers or just the takers?
      Those are some preliminary questions- we could go on.

  12. I Love Walt

    “[T]he [California] school year would have been shortened by 3 weeks”

    You could add 100 weeks to the school year and those kids wouldn’t get any smarter: you can’t fix stupid, and you can’t fix lazy.

  13. There’s a hole in the bottom of the CA money bucket called the public employees pension funds. Additional money put in the bucket will just continue to run out that hole. And I’m sure that the teachers would love another 3 weeks off per year. It’s not like it’s going to reduce their salary or benefits .