Too soon? Perfect timing, I’d say

Still there?

Some Obama supporter has put his Hampton’s waterfront home on the market for $30 million, possibly hoping to escape the next tax hike his friend has planned. Business Insider implies that it’s somehow heartless (or stupid – hard to tell exactly what the author’s getting at) to list a place so soon after Hurricane Sandy but I disagree. If this place survived Sandy unscathed, then what better selling point can there be? Buyer is piloted out to the town and sees massive destruction everywhere, then sets down on this perfect, untouched lawn? His check book will be out before he sets his first tasseled  loafer on the sand.

Of course, if there is no longer a beach here, if Sandy wiped out that lawn, then Business Insider is right: the guy’s a moron.


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6 responses to “Too soon? Perfect timing, I’d say

  1. Anonymous

    Looks like a ‘back lot’ to me and I can just imagine how many tennis balls come flying into my pool on a regular basis. I’m gonna leave it for now, but please keep looking, I am still in the market.

  2. anon

    Won’t he have to sell it before year end to escape next year’s tax hike?

    • Well heck, I figure if you can afford to pay $30 million for a weekend home you probably have the cash in your dresser drawer or underneath that Obama button on the coffee table, so why not pay up and be in in time for Christmas?

  3. OG Reader

    In other related news, the Old Inlet in the Great Souh Bay has been reopened by Sandy!

  4. OG Reader

    I should add that the Old Inlet has not been open since somewhere around 1860 and was used by the British for access to Long Island during the
    Rrevolutionary War.

    It will be very interesting to see if Suffolk tries to close it, especially since the Feds “protected” it by making it a wilderness in 1980.