And it’s just beginning

Three days after the election, Obama’s EPA moves to close more federal land to oil shale production. It’s been reported, but not by the mainstream press, that the EPA has stockpiled literally thousands of new regulations in anticipation of Obama’s victory. Those regulations are ready to be unleashed on industry and here they come. I don’t mind voters getting what they deserve but it seems almost unfair to make the entire country suffer when only half voted to do so.

But that’s called sharing the pain, I suppose.


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11 responses to “And it’s just beginning

  1. Anonymous

    the world is not yours to do with as you wish

    if you don’t believe me, just ask your children

  2. Anonymous

    ask them then…

  3. I asked mine and she’s with you Chris.

  4. Anonymous

    the world is not for Obama and his cronies to do with as they wish…
    … and they aren’t asking anybody…

    with their systematic destruction of the American political compact, eff ’em; there is no rule of law.

  5. Peg

    We may not have a rule of law anymore, anon – but we’ve got FREE BIRTH CONTROL!!!

    Yep; that’s what it’s come to….

  6. Anonymous

    they don’t have to ask anybody because they won the election last tuesday.

    i know greenwich voted for mitt romney. congrats.

    still laughing along w/ mitt romney at the GOP convention about rising ocean levels. dolts.

  7. Anonymous

    Didn’t the amateur say (lie) his administration approved more drilling than ever before?

  8. GreenITCH

    Doesnt really matter …. google the following story …ill give you some highlights ….. ” US to be top oil exporter by 2017, says IEA – U.S. oil output is poised to surpass Saudi Arabia’s in the next decade, making the world’s biggest fuel consumer almost self-reliant and putting it on track to become a net exporter, the International Energy Agency said.
    Growing supplies of crude extracted through new technology including hydraulic fracturing of underground rock formations will transform the U.S. into the largest producer for about five years starting about 2020, the Paris-based adviser to 28 nations said today in its annual World Energy Outlook. The U.S. met 83 percent of its energy needs in the first six months of this year, according to the Energy Department in Washington.
    “The IEA outlook feeds into the idea of a shift in the center of influence in the world oil market,” said Gareth Lewis-Davies, an analyst at BNP Paribas SA in London. “Given Saudi Arabia is willing to shift production up and down it will retain a large degree of influence, and remain important as a price-influencer.”